What Not To Do With Acne

Do you suffer from acne? Chances are you already know what skincare regimen to adopt in order to get rid of acne. But do you know about the common mistakes you generally make to get acne free skin? Here are some “don’ts” you have to follow in order to reduce the appearance of acne and cure them quickly.

Do Not Over scrub – Cleaning the face and making it free of germs and oil is necessary. But too much pressure on acne prone skin aggravates the problem. The skin gets inflamed as soon as there is mechanical pressure on the surface, as a result of which pimples may break out. Scrubs can be used on acne prone skin for only once a week.

Do Not Use Toothpaste – There is a general idea that applying toothpaste on the acne will dry the area leading to its cure. In reality, bacteria and other impurities get trapped under the skin surface as the top layer becomes dry and hard. This aggravates acne problem.

Stay Away from Toxic Acne Treatments – Check your acne medication. If it is contains a high percentage of benzoyl peroxide, skin inflammation and free radical damage may follow which aggravates acne rather than healing it.

Do Not Pick at the Acne – Keep your hands off your face. Do not try to pop up a blemish or outbreak. If it is ready for extraction, chances are it will pop out on its own. Picking at lesions and squeezing pimples are not at all advisable.

Do Not Use Too Much Makeup – We know that you have to cover the acne blemishes to look good while going out. But try to stick to only a concealer instead of piling up too much makeup. Keep a blotting paper handy in case you need to absorb oil that settles on the face during the day.

Do Not Forget to Drink Water – If you think that you can replace water with other liquids like coffee, tea or carbonated drinks then you are mistaken. Drinking 7 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day is very important in curing acne. Dehydration leads to drying up of skin that increases acne growth. Stick to filtered or mineral water if you have acne prone skin. Use a facial mist and humidifier if you live in too dry conditions.

Avoid Acne Triggers – Heat and humidity are very bad for acne prone skin. The sun’s rays cause sweating, which cannot be stopped even with the use of sunscreens. Sweat increases oiliness of skin’s surface and leads to further outbreak of acne and pimples.

Do Not Eat Junk Food – Overindulgence in sugary stuff and fried food causes acne outbreak. It is recommended that you avoid eating junk food and only concentrate on wholesome meals to end your acne worries. Animal protein in the form of chicken, omega 3 in sea fish and green vegetables must be consumed as part of daily diet.

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