What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss in men, also known as male pattern baldness, is a common condition and affects 50% of men under the age of 50.  It can have a detrimental effect on your self image and can often lead to depression and anxiety.  Many men are happy to accept hair loss as part of the natural ageing process.  However, particularly in young men experiencing hair loss as early as in their teenage years, it can be devastating.

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss In Men

The most common cause of hairloss in men is due to male hormones.  After puberty, adolescents begin to produce more testosterone. Over time, this is converted to Dihydrotestosterone which causes the hair follicles on the head to shrink and become smaller.  Eventually, the follicle dies and hair loss progresses to one of the six stages below.

Hair Loss Can Be Treated

There was a time when men could do nothing about their hairloss.  Thankfully today, Zoom Chemist can offer clinically proven treatments for cure hair loss and hair transplant.  All medicines are licensed in the UK and have been through extensive clinical trials to prove that they are safe and effective for treating hairloss and regain hair growth.

What Are My Options?

Regaine® is an application to be applied to the scalp twice a day.

Propecia® is a one a day tablet.

About Regaine®

  • Regaine® is the only medicine approved as a scalp application for the treatment of hair loss.
  • It contains an ingredient called minoxidil, which has been proven to increase blood supply to the hair    follicles, causing thinning hairs to thicken up and to prevent further hairloss.
  • Results begin to show after just 8 weeks of use.
  • 80% of men in the trials said they experienced no further hair loss or they regrew hair. Continued use is needed to maintain the benefits seen.
  • Results take time to show, so you must persevere with your treatments and avoid giving up too soon.  Remember: Your hairloss occurred over many months or years.  You must give Regaine®at least 4 months to see if its working for you.

About Propecia®

  • Propecia is the most effective treatment for hairloss available today.
  • It contains Finasteride, a medicine that tackles the cause of hairloss, by blocking the effects of Dihydritestosterone, therefore thickening up thinning hairs and preventing further hair loss.
  • Results begin to show after 3 months of use, however, its full effects are seen after one year.
  • In trials, 90% of men experienced regrowth or no further hairloss on Propecia®.

Propecia® is only available on a private prescription from a doctor in the UK.  If you require a prescription for Propecia®.

Alpecin® shampoo

Another effective treatment for hairloss is Alpecin® shampoo at low cost.

Alpecin® contains caffeine as the active ingredient.  It has been shown to slow down hereditary hairloss by preventing the negative effects of DHT on the hair follicle.

Alpecin® comes as a shampoo, an after shampoo liquid and a double effect shampoo to also treat dandruff.

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Vitamins will not prevent male pattern baldness, however a vitamin deficiency may lead to weak,thick and brittle hair.  It would therefore be beneficial to take a vitamin supplement specially formulated to maintain healthy hair. Zoom chemist recommends Tricologic man®, which is a supplement specifically created to provide optimal nutrition for healthy hair.

Which treatments should I use??

It can be confusing understanding which treatment to choose when faced with the choices above.  In reality, Propecia® and Regaine® are the two recognised as being the most effective treatments and have the most evidence to show that they are effective.  Both of these treatments are often used together by many to provide the best results, since they work in different ways.  If you are serious about treating hairloss, we would recommend that you try Propecia® and Regaine® together.

Alpecin® may be a useful addition to stimulate the hair whilst washing, and can also give the hair more grip since it does not have any conditioning agents.

Tricologic man® is a supplement which, if added, will help to maintain healthy hair.

If you would like any more information about hair loss, please contact our Zoom Chemist pharmacist, or alternatively please start a new topic on our forum.

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