Suit Up – 6 Rules To Follow When You’re Wearing A Suit For The First Time

The easiest way to cut a figure as a man is to wear a well-tailored suit. But, what if you’re wearing the suit all wrong? In today’s article, we’re going to share the six rules to follow when wearing a suit for the first time, so you can become the best-dressed man in the room. 

  • Accessorize Well 

Wear as few accessories as possible. It could be as simple as a watch, a pair of cufflinks, and a pocket square. Don’t wear a sports watch with your suit. Opt for a simple, slim design instead. 

Preferably, the color of your watch should match your shoes, and this goes for your belt as well. Polish your shoes properly and when you’re seated, make sure the socks are long enough that you can’t see any part of your legs.

  • Work Those Buttons!

Always open the bottom button of your suit jacket. So, if you’re wearing a two-button jacket, then you should only button the first button. For a three-button jacket, always close the second button and never the third one. If you’re wearing a three-piece suit with a vest, open the bottom button of the vest as well. There’s no form or function to this. It’s just a tradition that’s shared by stylish men.  

One of the benefits of wearing a suit is that when it’s closed, it broadens your shoulders and narrows your waist, giving you a nice, v-shaped silhouette. But, when you’re sitting down, your stomach is going to push out and mess up your look. That’s why you should always unbutton your jacket completely before you sit down. 

  • Focus On Fit

Fit is a fundamental rule to keep in mind when buying a suit. It’s better to have a cheap suit that fits perfectly than an expensive suit that doesn’t fit well. 

Unfortunately, when buying a suit off the rack, it’s not going to fit perfectly, no matter how nice it is. You’re going to have to tailor it. If you need to keep costs low, tailor the shoulders to get the rest of the jacket in line. 

  • Get The Right Shirt

The way you wear the shirt underneath your suits plays a role in how it fits. The golden rule is always close the top button of your shirt. If the shirt is too tight and you have to open the button up to breathe, get another shirt. 

If you can stick more than one finger between the neck and the collar, the shirt is too big. It should lie gently across the neck without choking you when the top button is closed. 

You also want to show half an inch of the sleeve cuff from your shirt. This helps to create a nice contrast between your shirt and your jacket.

  • Don’t Stuff Your Pockets

Slim fitting suits are popular nowadays because they make it easier to cut a figure with the right fit. This means you’ll have to find alternative housing for your phone and wallet because your pockets must remain smooth and empty.  

  • Pay Attention to the Lapel

Make sure the width of your tie matches the width of your lapel (the part of your jacket that lays across your chest). Thinner lapels demand thinner ties, whereas a wider lapel calls for a wider tie. Mixing up the widths is a big no-no, as it can mess-up the proportions and symmetry of your suit. 

Keep these six rules in mind, and you’ll be looking sharp and turning heads every time you suit up. 

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