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From the house of Victorinox, the makers of the Swiss Army Knife, comes a range of exclusive wrist-wears as well as pocket watches, tagged as Swiss Army Watches which have been proudly flaunted by those who have an eye for style and quality. The watches have become the haute couture all over the world and are considered to be a “must have” accessory by the fashion devotees all over the world.

About Swiss Army Watches – origin and company profile

Victorinox was founded in and a company started supplying knives to the Swiss Army within the next seven years. The company had its headquarters in the town of Ibach, in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. The name “Victorinox” originated in from the words Victoria and Inox. The former was selected in honor of the mother of founder Karl Elsener, when she died. The latter is a French term for stainless steel that is ‘acier inoxydable’ used in the various products of Victorinox. The emblem of the elegant Swiss cross has become the identity of Victorinox Brand since. Victorinox became the sole supplier of knives to the Swiss army after it acquired its rival, Wenger in. The Swiss Army brand of watches offers an array of time-wears for both wrists as well as pockets. The range spans from closable watches to classic bare clock watches. Some of the watches are also engraved.

Types of Watches

Active – The collection complements personalities who are vibrant and dynamic. The collection includes:

  • Original
  • Convoy
  • Night Vision
  • Renegade
  • ST Collection
  • Excursion

Classic – The watches of this category epitomize elegance and style. The models available in this category are:

  • Summit XLT
  • Cavalry
  • Infantry
  • Alliance
  • Officer’s 1884
  • Diamond
  • Ambassador
  • Maverick II
  • SSC
  • Vivante
  • Chrono Classic

Professional – These watches are designed for professionals who love to make their presence felt. The variations in this collection are:

  • AirBoss
  • Drive Master 500M
  • ChronoPro
  • Ground Force
  • Alpnach

Limited editions – There are other limited editions of watches are:

  • Legacy Reserve De Marche Platine
  • Ambassador XL Chronograph
  • Original Sai Pocket Timepiece
  • Pocket Timepiece
  • Pocket Desk Alarm
  • Pocket And Travel Watches

Chrono classic lady – Swiss Army collection has also come up with its signature collection for women. However, one of the most popular among these is the Convoy collection. The collection includes watches for every occasion. The watches bear a rugged look and feature crown protection, tachymeter scales, and large, luminous hands and numbers–enabling easy legibility. All these models are complemented further by an impressive collection of bracelets and leather straps.

Other products from Swiss Army

Swiss Army has a huge market for apparel, travel gear, cutlery, and writing and other multi-utility tools. In case you want to get more information on the different brands of watches, we suggest that you check at our section on Watches.

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