Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Dry, flaky and itchy skin can trouble a person all round the year. But the problem usually aggravates during the winter season. Dry skin not only leads to scratching on the surface, the white flakes as a result of scratching make the skin appear dull. Cracking and bleeding of the skin due to dryness are also common problems. Dry skin is a real trouble during winters when the cold weather steals moistures from your skin and it becomes a very painful and uneasy experience to manage the dry and flaky skin. Therefore it is advisable to get rid of dry skin fast. Listed below are simple tips and techniques to follow to get relief from dry and flaky skin.

  • Take a shower everyday ; No matter how low the temperature is outside, a daily bath is necessary to help hydrate the skin and retain its moisture.
  • Keep the shower short ; Shower within 10 minutes is perfect. Spending excess time in contact with water makes the skin dry as the oils from the skin get absorbed.
  • Use warm water for bathing ; The natural oils on the skin surface are washed away faster by hot water than with warm water. You can also use cold water for bathing, as less the amount of oil removed, less drier the skin.
  • Do not towel too hard ; Do not rub the towel to wipe off water. Just pat dry.
  • Use mild cleansers ; Soaps which are fragranced or contain alcohol remove the natural oils from the skin faster than the mild non fragranced products.
  • Moisturize ; Apply a moisturizer on the skin within three minutes of taking a shower. A moisturizer helps to retain water in the skin by preventing evaporation as opposed to the popular belief that these creams and lotions lead to the addition of moisture to the skin. So lock all the water that there is after a bath by applying moisturizer immediately. You can apply the moisturizer at different points in time throughout the day if your skin feels very dry.
  • Use a humidifier ; These devices must be used at home and the workplace to help add moisture in the air.
  • Select skin care products with care ; Do not use alcohol based products or ones that are not recommended for your skin type. Check the ingredients before use and ensure that none of them cause allergy on your skin. Using a product for dry skin types is recommended.
  • Avoid woolens next to skin ; Do not wear woolen garments directly on top of your skin. This causes an itchy sensation, soaks skin moisture and causes irritation. Try to wear only gentle fabrics.
  • Use sunscreen ; Wear a sunscreen every time you step out in the sun, not only in the summer. Increased exposure to UV rays causes drying of skin. Oily and normal skin types need sunscreens of SPF 15. All people with dry skin must use a sunscreen of SPF 30.
  • Take special care of the hands and lips ; Hands and lips are most prone to drying especially in the winter season. Use a cream to moisturise the hands after every wash. Use a medicated lip balm or petroleum jelly to keep the lips hydrated.
  • Drink water ; Lastly, do not forget to drink more than six glasses of water everyday to keep the system hydrated.

If the above tips fail to work to cure problems of a dry skin, it is time for you to visit a dermatologist and use prescription creams and ointments to get rid of dry skin

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