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Acclaimed worldwide for their refined elegance, finesse and sophistication, Rolex watches signify luxury, class and excellence. As a prestigious global brand and leading watch manufacturer, Rolex offers an exclusive range of premium watches that are truly ”works of art”–a result of the manufacturers’ obsession for detailed craftsmanship and perfection. For more than a century, Rolex watches have been the ultimate fashion accessories and flaunted by the rich and famous worldwide to flash their celebrity status. With more than 220 tiny jewelry pieces working together, the process of making a Rolex watch is scrupulously put together by hand, often taking over a year to produce these specimens of fine craftsmanship and supreme engineering.

About Rolex Watches – origin and company profile

The origin of Rolex wristwatches dates back to 1905, when Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis founded “Wilsdorf and Davis”. Three years later, the company was registered under the trademark Rolex. It was initially named Rolex Watch Company but later changed to Montres Rolex, SA, and eventually to Rolex, SA.

Rolex: Where Perfection meets Innovation

Today, Rolex continues to redefine its glorious legacy of perfection and innovation with the help of its 28 affiliates and 4,000 skilled watch engineers working from nearly hundred countries. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Rolex currently manufactures nearly 2,000 watches in a day and earns revenue of approximately 3 billion USD. That clearly explains why it is considered to be the world’s single largest luxury watch brand. In fact, Rolex has been ranked 71st among the list of top 100 global brands by the BusinessWeek magazine for the year.

Types of Rolex Watches

As a global brand, Rolex has an exquisite set of designer watches that can be broadly classified under the following groups:

  • Professional – Meant for formal occasions
  • Oyster Perpetual – These include primary bracelets such as President, Oyster, and Jubilee
  • Cellini -Fancy watches to flaunt at all occasions

Exclusive Watches From Rolex

Following are the exclusive range of wrist-gears manufactured by Rolex:

  • Datejust (1945) – Available in 18ct gold, steel, or Rolesor, it was the first watch that displayed the date. It has a Cyclops lens that can enlarge the date digits two and a half times.
  • Day-Date – Made exclusively in platinum or 18ct yellow, white, or pink gold, it was the first watch that featured the day of the week in full (in 26 languages), as well as the date.
  • Explorer II (1953) – Consists of a 24-hour fixed bezel, a 24-hour hand to display time in two time zones, and to distinguish between day and night.
  • GMT-Master II (1955) – Features a 24-hour rotatable bezel, a 24-hour hand, as well as an hour hand that is adjustable separately. First watch to keep time in two time zones, especially designed for professional pilots.
  • Yacht-Master – Has a bi-directional bezel for professional sailors. Triplock winding crown and Oysterlock bracelet add elegance to the reliability and performance.
  • Submariner – Targeted towards professional divers with its water resistance to upto 300 meters/1,000 feet. Has a Triplock winding crown and a uni-directional bezel for safe immersion time tracking.
  • Cosmograph Daytona – Features a sweep second hand, minute and hour totalisators, and a tachometer bezel. The average speed and lap time calculators make it loved by professional drivers.
  • Pearlmaster – Comes in outstanding combinations of jeweled bezels, typical dials, and exclusive bracelets.
  • Lady-Datejust – Available in steel, Rolesor, 18ct gold or platinum, this model highlights the esteemed grace of the ladies.
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