Prom Jewelry

A right kind of jewelry can help an ordinary dress look perfect. And if you are going to prom, then you must ensure that you have right prom jewelry to stand different from the crowd. A prom night is one of the most important night of your life. Thus, right from dresses to jewelry all should be perfect. Before you select the prom jewelry, it is important that you must know the current trends of prom.

The best way of shopping prom jewelry is to give yourself time and consider the kind of dresses that you have selected. Always remember that too many jewelry will only spoil and mess your look badly. Also remember the kind of prom hairstyle you will be selecting. If you have chosen a prom dress that is very gorgeous, select jewelry that is simple and helps in enhancing your dress. On the other hand, if you have chosen simple cut and style of prom dresses select a jewelry piece that is gorgeous and balances well with the cuts and styles of prom dresses.

Prom Hairstyle and Jewelry

One of the important prom jewelry is earrings. It is advisable to select the earrings after you have choose your hair style. For short hair, the choice of earrings is just endless. Select pearl, diamond or gemstone studded earrings that provides you an elegant look. Choosing this kind of earrings also gives you chance to go for bolder necklace. Drop earrings is some thing that never goes out of fashion and gives you a feminine touch. If your earrings is bold, make sure that other jewelry are simple and down to earth. For long hair opt for earrings that comes with bold gem stones with stiletto or chandelier style. While wearing this kind of jewelery avoid wearing bold necklace and bracelet. Select one standout jewelry piece which is quite sufficient.

Prom Jewelery and Prom Dress 

  • Spaghetti Straps: If your prom dress has spaghetti straps it is better to go for subtle piece of jewelry. Team up your spaghetti strap prom dress with pearl ring, pearl cuff bracelet, pearl pendant. Pay attention on bracelet as it helps in balancing the look. Take the help of your designer to select the right prom jewelry.
  • Strapless: Strapless styled prom dress was quite popular in year 2006, but they are coming back. The best necklace that can be paired well with this style is something short that highlights your collar bones and has diamond or pearl pendant. If you have chosen a simple necklace, pair then with bold and bright bracelet and earrings to achieve a great look.
  • Square Neck: Want to show off your beautiful necklace? Select square neck prom dress. The best part about this dress is you can pair it with traditional and vintage styled necklace like your mother’s pearl or your grand mother’s beautiful diamond pendant.
  • V-neck: V necked styled prom dress helps in drawing the attention to your collarbone and face. Pair the dress with matching earrings and necklace. You can choose pearl set or simple diamond set with stud earrings.
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