Polarized Sunglasses

The polarized sunglasses have their origin from the sunglasses used by the boatmen and the fishermen. The creation of the polarized sunglasses has been first initiated keeping in mind the need of people belonging to this community. The sunglasses proved to be beneficial to them as the polarized lens comprise such properties which can prevent the glare of the sun to a great extent. Therefore the people connected to the sea such as fishermen and boatmen used the polarized sunglasses in order to keep the glare from the water of the sea as they remain stranded amidst it to a great extent for a long time. The polarized lens does it by horizontally polarizing the glare.

This depends mostly on the height of the sun as due to that the reflection of almost all the objects lying above the water gets partially polarized making the sea look more transparent to the ones who are wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses. Here is a brief outline of the process of polarization. For example we can talk about a road or a water level having a flat and smooth surface respectively. As this kind of surfaces mostly have horizontally polarized glare and that in turn gets blocked by the vertical polarizer of the lens and thus reducing the amount of the glare.

Therefore this is the main reason that the polarized sunglasses have gained immense popularity in the market. Although they are principally used by the boaters and the fishermen but now it’s equally famous among the bulk of people who are engaged into outdoor jobs and sports. The use of polarized sunglasses in sports has become very extensive. The outdoor sportsmen such as golfers, bikers, skiers and joggers use the polarized sunglasses to a great extent. Uses of polarized sunglasses during driving are also very beneficial as it prevents the glare encountered n road. A pair of polarized sunglasses also proves to be of great advantage to the people who have recently undergone a cataract surgery.

As after the surgery they tend to become very light sensitive and the sunglasses help them to combat the problem. At present there have been various changes induced into the polarized lens. Progressive polarized lens have been introduced, which will help the person suffering from farsightedness to indulge in sports activities. The photo chromatic polarized lens came into being in which changes from dark outside to lighter inside. This happens to be a great reward to the people who are extensively light sensitive and change environment very often. There have been various kinds of polarized lens available and now they are closely related to the fashion domain. So this time around if you are looking for a new pair of sunglass then goes for a polarized one

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