Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry items reflect a certain kind of grace and style, which makes it stand apart from gold and silver jewelry. There are pearl jewelry items for men as well as women that go perfectly well with all celebrations and occasions. There are pearl jewelry items that even go well with formal as well as casual look. Instead of opting for the pure pearl jewelry items, you could also opt for pearl jewelry items that have been set in gold or has been graced with diamonds. For a selection of a pearl jewelry item, you need to depend on your choice. So select a pearl necklace or a peal ring or pearl bracelet or any other pearl jewelry that would suit your look.

Pearl Jewelry Items:

  • Pink Pearl Necklace

    Pink color pearls have been used to create this jewelry piece. The pearls have been set in straight line perfectly. Each of the pink pearls complements each other.

  • Pearl Gold Guccha Necklace

    This necklace can be described as a dual line pearl necklace that has been designed in the most beautiful way. The pearl necklace has been adorned with colored stones.

  • Drop Pearl Necklace

    The necklace is of round shape and has been made with pearls. A round shape pearl pendant is attached to the necklace. The pearl pendant definitely adds to the beauty of this necklace. It comes along with a set of pearl earrings that are unique in their design.

  • Peach Pearl Earrings

    Pearls that are of oval shape and peach color has been set perfectly on silver metal. It has a touch of sophistication to it.

  • Cultured Black Pearl Ring: 14 K White Gold

    The center portion of the ring has been adorned with a black pearl. The ring has been made out of 14 karat gold. It is just brilliant in its look.

  • Balinese Garnet and Blush Pearl Jewelry

    The set of pearls in this range are made of the blush pink Balinese pearls. The Balinese pearls are separated with the help of sterling silver drops. It is an eighteen inch necklace which is intricately designed and its adorned with a silver and garnet pendant. It is a regal beauty, a gorgeous set that wins your heart.

  • Floral Inspired Pearl Necklace and Earrings

    The set is made in Bali. These pearl jewelry are mainly free-flowing freshwater pearls which are embedded with semi-precious stones like blue topaz or peridot. The vines are made out of 22-carat of gold. These vines, most surprisingly and beautifully are intertwined with sterling silver. The pearls are studded in a way that they sprout from the vines. You can also find a pair of earring that match this piece of necklace.

  • Garnet and Pearl Balinese Bracelet

    These are not the typical pearls that you usually buy. These are the exquisite freshwater pearls which are combined with garnet. Once done, it is embedded in sterling silver. The design is a contemporary Indonesian pattern.

  • Pearl and Agate Necklace

    These are river pearls. These pearls are blended with silver sterling. It is then highlighted with a triplet of spinning agate beads. The pearls are originally black and white. This is a lovely creation by Matta.

  • Pink Freshwater Pearl Choker

    A choker is in itself a style statement. Think what would it look like when studded with pearls? Beautiful is the only word for it. The choker is embedded with freshwater pink pearls. These are clustered to give a more compact look. As it hugs you, the pretty set of jewelry is a sure winner. It is bold in its existence and soft pink in its colors. This deadly combination compliments your outfit while dissolving in the glow that you are providing.

  • Cultured Pearl & Leather Necklace

    Cultured pearls are definitely not real ones. These are not synthetic either. Such freshwater pearls are placed in the outward side and the centre of the jewelry. This is then embedded in a frame of maroon leather, braided and looking pretty in such a comfortable setting. This piece of jewelry has a vintage effect and is a completely different way to make your skin flow.

  • Keishi Pearl Necklace

    Wear it for a birthday celebration or just a regular friends meet. You sure to get some green-eyed looks from your awestruck friends. This piece of jewelry is for regular wear. The creation is affordable and can be worn almost everywhere.

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