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Welcome to my new tattoo blog! My name is Beccy and I want to talk about something which is a huge part of my life. I got my first tattoo aged 19 and haven’t stopped. From the moment that needle touched my skin I felt my whole self fall into place. For the last 7 years my own tattoos have gone from big to bigger. I have travelled all over the world to experience the massive beast that is ‘the tattoo industry’. I’ve come to learn that with tattoos, thinking about ‘image’ barely touches the surface. Tattooing is a much more complex and spiritual art-form. Back in 2008, not many people I knew were tattooed. Thanks to the growth of tattooed celebrities and tattoo TV programmes, that has now changed. But not everyone is doing it right. For every great tattooist out there, there’s also a not so great artist trying to make a quick buck. But I would say there are more of the former, the unsung heroes of this growing tradition who are well-known in their communities. Where is this growing pot of talent being showcased? There are some great tattoo magazines and blogs but admittedly not enough space to encompass everyone that’s doing great work.

There are a few things I really want this blog to achieve:


The tattoo community can be completely alienating and scary. As a introvert individual you can walk into a studio and often feel intimidated, that you aren’t going to fit in to what seems a really closed crowd. This blog aims to bring those people in to be part of a community that isn’t intimidating or closed. We also need a place where male and female tattoo cultures can come together.


London, New York, Los Angeles. If you follow tattoo feeds online, you’ll notice the focus on particular locations in the world. It’s totally understandable, but there’s a gigantic country outside of London filled with oozing creative brains!


The tattoo wearers of the world are amazing. Their stories are so personal and so timeless and deserve to be told.


I have been a tattoo enthusiast for 6 years and learnt so much from just absorbing myself in the word of tattoos. From websites, to social media accounts, to magazines – but where do you start? You can’t realistically follow every good tattoo artists in the world on Instagram. As a tattoo blog, Inkluded encourages sharing of tattoo stories and aims to point you in the right direction to learn and explore. I’m not an artist, I can’t tattoo, I didn’t study art. And you don’t have to either. Come and be part of something, and help share that feeling.

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