Military Watches

In order to serve the purposes of the military officers, military watches are specially prepared. These watches at present are also sported by the general people in order to reflect style. These military watches are largely sought after by the young generation. Some international brands manufacture these types of watches and bring them to the market. The military watches have strong collectors market.

Manufacturers of Military Watches

There are several companies and manufacturers of military watches, who make stylish watches for your wrist. Some of the popular companies include the following:

  • IWC
  • Omega
  • Westclox
  • Hamilton
  • Smiths
  • CWC
  • Rolex
  • Timex
  • Breitling
  • MWC

The designer watch brands like Breitling and Omega prepare military watches for elite aerobatic teams and NASA. The specialty of the military watches is that they have military markings on the back cover of the watch. There are several other manufacturers, who make pseudo military watches, as many people love the put on the military watches for their functional appearance.

Features of Military Watches

Apart from the young generation, who sport military watches for glamour and style, these watches are largely issued to the officers or airmen. These watches come with chronographs that have tachometer or telemeter scale. Most of the military watches are manufactured with a black face and a tough dark strap. The watches have characters, which are legible and the watch face have hands that are generally luminous or white. The military watches have non reflective surfaces. The military watches should be greatly durable and have strong resistance. It should be able to resist the shock and magnetism, water, accuracy, crystal, band, case and dial strength. Various specifications are included in the military watches in order to meet the purposes of the officers.

Types of Military Watches

The different categories or types of military watches available include Traser watches, KHS Traser watches, Praetorian watches, MK II watches, Nite watches, SNOON watches, Swiss Military watch, Luminox watch, Junkers watches, Suunto watches, Torgo watches and others.

Military watch maintenance

Military watch maintenance is requited in order to ensure trouble free operation. Rinse off the watch, it comes in contact with salt water. Do not operate under water. Do not wear the military watch during shower. Avoid contact with hot water. Replace batteries as soon as it gets corrosive. The military watches should be lubricated and cleaned properly every 5 years. The bands and the cases need regular cleaning.

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