Men’s Jewelry

The term jewelry is often associated with women only. But, in almost every tradition you will find that the concept of men’s jewelry was equally popular. The elite men used to wear jewelry as a symbol of pride and prestige. For example, the king of Pharaoh wore different kind of jewelry as a symbol of power. Similarly, the head of tribe used to wear jewelry as a part of their achievement or family heritage. The only limitation was the variation of jewelry was less compared to that of women.

Fortunately, this concept has not faded away and today men’s jewelry are equally popular. Jewelry and jewels have been greatly desired since time immoral. Like the princess and queen have come under the spell of sparkling gems and jewelry, men too are equally attracted to metals and metallic jewelry. The most popular men’s jewelry since time immoral is the rings. Necklaces made from stone and metal are aesthetically praised by men. Like women, jewelry for men described the status of men in society and marital status also.

Different types of men’s jewelry

As we have already mentioned that the options of men’s jewelry is low compared to woman but the jewelry available are exquisite and wonderful. Whenever we think of gift items of men, we remain in a state of confusion to choose the right gift items. Thus, next time you can gift your man a nice piece of men’s jewelry. To give you some idea about men’s jewelry here comes detailed description of different types of jewelry for men.


Ring is the common jewelry for men and women and equally popular. Ring is one of the perfect wedding day gift for men. There are different types of wedding rings available for men. From plain gold band to designer wedding rings, the options are adequate. It fits into your budget also just perfectly. In case of wedding rings one or two diamond set in rings. Diamonds may be a best friend of women, but men also likes diamonds.

Tie Tack:

Other than rings, what else jewelry is available for men? The answer is tie tacks. Though, there are many women who think that tie tacks is not a jewelry, but this could be wonderful piece of jewelry. There might be several occasion, where your boy friend or husband require to wear tie. Your gift of tie tack will make him feel special in these occasion. Today, you can get tie tacks of different types made from different metals like gold, silver and even diamonds set in the middle. The pieces are exquisite and definitely will help your man to stand apart from the crowd.

Cuff Links:

Cuff links are worn by many men as a part of their professional dress. You can gift your man with cuff links available in gold, silver. Your man will treasure this gift as this item is functional and thoughtful. Every time your man will wear this, he will flaunt it proudly.

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