How to Style Straight Men’s Hair

Straight hair is nothing but one without any curls or waves and can be of different textures (coarse, medium or fine). It can be cut, razored, sliced, chipped, or tapered to get almost any shape. Examples include a short hair cut with plenty of choppy layers (medium to coarse texture) or a shoulder length style with face framing layers (fine to medium texture).

Method to get straight hair

You need a professional to regularly trim your straight hair style and keep it healthy. If you have wavy or curly hair it can be made to look straight by either styling it straight with hair products and a straightening iron, or by having a chemical straightening process.

Benefits of straight hair

With straight hair you can have the best of both worlds: wear it straight or set it in hot rollers (or use a curling iron) to create waves and curls that will last until your next shampoo. A good cut is very important with short straight hair or uneven areas will be very noticeable.

Tips for straight hair

Choose low maintenance, simple styling techniques for fuss-free straight hairstyles; for example, one length looks, or nice short layer cuts.

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