How To Reduce Under Eye Puffiness

One of the major problems that a lot of you might face from time to time is swelling under the eyes. This is not only a health problem but also adversely affects the beauty where women are concerned.

Some of the most common issues attached with under eye puffiness are sleeplessness, allergies, some forms of infection and skin aging. Fluid retention can also be one of the critical causes of formation of eye bags. Also, researches show that aged people are more prone to this health crisis.

You need not worry much! There are some simple and easy steps that if followed regularly can really help in curing the eye puffiness and also reduce dark circles. These uncomplicated remedies will help you bring back the lost beauty removal. Here is a list of solutions that will treat the soreness under the eye in the safest manner possible-

Best Simple Ways to Treat Under Eye Bags

Change your Contact Lenses

A lot of times, eye puffiness can be a reason of bacteria accumulation by old contact lenses. Make sure you change them from time to time and immediately if you are already suffering from the problem.

A Good Nap

Since one of the major reasons for soreness under the eye is lack of sleep, a good nap and proper sleep will always help you reduce them considerably. Make sure you follow this for a couple of days until the issue subsides.

Opt for Under Eye Ointments

There are a lot of ointments and cream available in the market where eye bag are concerned. Adhere to one of them, but only after consulting a professional. This will help you in treating the problem faster. This can also be done in the form of cooling gels that can work wonders on the enlargement.

Chamomile/ Green Tea Bags

Follow a strict regimen of applying chilled green tea bags or chamomile tea bags on the affected area for visible results in just a matter of days. These are completely safe for the eyes.

Magic of Cucumbers

Apply some freshly cut or grated cucumbers on the eye bags that will have a great cooling effect on the puffiness. It will also help in reducing the discomfort. This treatment solution can also be followed in the form of a cucumber mask prepared at home. Cucumbers can also be substituted by potatoes that are really effective as well.

Pillow Comfort

Raise the level of your under head pillow with an extra one. this simple procedure will help you in avoiding withholding of fluid under the eye thus proving a good remedy for under eye puffiness.

Avoid Certain Drinks

Since dehydration is also known to cause under eye soreness, make sure you completely skip caffeine and soda in your daily diet. This will definitely help in preventing a worsened situation.

Rinse Face with Cool Water

This usually helps in curing the issue at initial stages. All you have to do is wash the face with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel. These are some of the top steps in which you can get freedom from under eye puffiness.

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