Hollywood Hacks – 6 Secrets the Stars Use to Always Look Flawless

Stars can make it look effortless—a simple walk in the park seems like a runway show with the perfect clothes and glistening skin. It seems unfair until you realize that being attractive is a vital part of their job, so they must invest heavily in it. There is a lot to be learned from all of their efforts. Below are six secrets the stars use to ensure they look flawless, regardless of where they are and what they are doing


  1.   Purchase Better Teeth

Has it ever seemed like one of the qualifications for being a celebrity must be perfectly straight, white teeth? How can so many people have such a picture-perfect smile? The answer is not in genetics, but rather in porcelain veneers, which can be purchased to perfect teeth and brighten smiles. The right dentist can custom-make you a new set of teeth that will dramatically improve your appearance as well. 

  1.   Create A Unique Product Regimen

Just like regular people, stars are looking for those perfect items that will address flaws, smooth out skin tone, and create the ideal level of hydration. From face wash to eye cream, face cream, and serums, there is a variety of different ways to apply them. Each star has a unique ritual, comprised of different layers of products, geared towards a different look. The trick is as much in the consistency of the practice as it is in any one product. 

  1.   Exercise Your Face

You exercise other muscles in your body to make them appear more attractive, why not the muscles in your face? Some celebrities engage in facial exercises to sculpt their cheekbones and jawline. Not only does it create a feeling of confidence, but it also doesn’t require a costly visit to a plastic surgeon! 

  1.   Use Sunscreen for Emphasis

Another cost-effective way to make those cheekbones pop beyond exercising the muscles in your face is to consider how you are applying your sunscreen. You can create your own version of semi-permanent bronzer by using tinted sunscreen to highlight different areas of your face, drawing more attention to certain features via lighter and darker shades of skin. 

  1.   Wear Body Makeup

This idea sounds strange until you realize that self-tanner is an accepted part of our culture. The main difference between self-tanner and body makeup lies in the makeup’s ability to conceal and smooth skin tone, similar to face makeup. Some other significant differences are that body makeup only needs to be applied to visible areas of skin, not your entire body. It also doesn’t create semi-permanent streaks or smears that require hours of attention with a loofah to remove—you get a more flawless appearance with less effort. 

  1.   Invest in a Sculpted Body

The vast majority of celebrities and models either select or are assigned a personal trainer. This professional helps them stay on track with their exercise and eating to ensure their bodies are camera ready. You too can hire a personal trainer to help you stay on track and get a body that is ready for the red carpet. Hollywood beauty secrets don’t have to break the bank. Some endeavors may cost a little more, such as porcelain veneers, high-end beauty products, or a personal trainer, but there are plenty of low-cost options as well. You can create a more flawless appearance through your use of sunscreen, body makeup, and facial exercises. Take advantage of the effort celebrities have invested in being beautiful to create your own routines to inspire confidence and improve your sense of attractiveness.

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