Valid Reasons for Hiring a Professional Makeup Service at your Wedding

Congratulations! It’s going to be your big day soon! Are you already going nuts as to what to plan and how to carry out all the plans? Take a deep breath and give it all a better thought. From dress to preparing the guest lists (and everything in between), every minute detail gets quite an attention at your wedding. What often takes a backseat is your own look! Every girl desire to look the best on her wedding day, and we would not want you to compromise on that factor at any 

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Your wedding day is something that’s going to be remembered for years. All those photographs (and even videos, not to mention the Social Media posts!) are going to be a prized trophy that you are going to flaunt. Then how can you ignore your own look on your D day? How can you think of getting the makeup done on your own, or coax a friend to help you, when you want to look the best?! The bride should look the best, and that’s why it’s a must to search for an awesome makeup artist in Auckland! Clarette FX offers one of the well-known make-up and hair stylists. She has a distinct talent in beautifying the brides in the most exceptional way. She has been glamorising women for parties, weddings, TV shows et al since years, and has been gaining loads of love and trust from her clientele for the same.

Reasons to Book a Makeup Artist for your Wedding

If you’re still having second thoughts on why you should be going to extra pains to hire professionals for your wedding makeup in Auckland, let’s get pointing out the same for you!

  • They have the Skill: Professional makeup artists know the art of playing up the features that accentuate you the best! From contour to blushes, they know how to blend it well for different skin types. If we (or any amateur) try this, we are bound to overdo or underplay the same. We don’t want to look like a plaster clad doll or a plain Jane looking faded out.
  • They are Rich in Experience: These professionals have been dealing with numerous brides and giving them a great look for a while! This experience counts! The experience of glorifying someone constantly and practising the art they possess, gives them an upper-hand too.
  • They know it All: The makeup artist gets their skills perfected at a good training school. Just as we acquire education for a certain field, so do they! This knowledge that they possess makes them a pro in their services and hence are the best ones to opt for! With the knowledge of your skin types, the cosmetics they use and which ingredients are best suited, they carefully tailor make the services for you. On the contrary, you may apply some cosmetic that wouldn’t be suitable on your skin and get an infection or a weird look on your big day!
  • They have Loads of Products: If you book a service for makeup, these makeup artists come loaded with ample of products to apply on your face that you wouldn’t have even imagined existed! They mostly have a collection of numerous excellent products, all distinct and great on different skin types, some may even cost a fortune and are of premium brands as well. With the basic need of products taken care of, they utilise their art to skilfully give you the best look of your life on your wedding day.
  • They are Aware of the Camera Lenses: The makeup artist deal with brides and party make ups daily! They know which type of look goes best for a perfect shot! They know the angles which would be well projected in your wedding video and therefore touch those points with extra care while giving you the bridal look.
  • They Know the Seasons and the Suns: Whether you’re having a day wedding on a spring season, or a summer marriage planned after sunset, these makeup artists beautify you according to the shades of nature. They have a great understanding as to whether a subtle look would give you the best bridal touch or a blushed one will suit your features better. Also, the usage of products is done according to the seasons so that they don’t dry up or oil up your skin.

There are a lot of more pros of hiring a makeup artist for your wedding, but above all, they take the load from your shoulders. They pamper you well and let you relax while they create a beautiful look. So, don’t stress more, just inquire about the best makeup artist in your area and book now!


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