Here’s How You Can Pull Off Ethical Fashion Like A Maven

Ethical Fashion

Ethical wear is always esteemed for its exclusive patterns, rich prints, lively colors and its attachment to the roots of the corresponding culture. Ethical wear is not only embraced and admired in some of the countries but also diverse parts of the world. Beyond the people hailing from different parts of the world, some stumble upon the charm and beauty of Ethical wear while they visit India, some noticed Ethical fashion in fashion magazines or movies, some got awestruck by watching the range at a gala dinner and so on. Regardless of the sources and varieties you noticed in Ethical wears, one thing is obvious; you cannot just ignore their presence and dominance in the current fashion trends. So, if you also seem to be confused over the method to pull it off elegantly, read on and consider these pro tips over how to pull off Ethical fashion like a pro!  

Elusive and Elegant 

This is the thumb rule of wearing Ethical attire. Never exaggerate your traditional look with excessive colors or accessories. If you are putting on a vivacious outfit, like a lehenga-choli or a saree, then choose subtle jewelry and trifling makeup. Though, when you are carrying subtle or elegant clothing, then you can nominate a bold makeup look and heavy jewelry. This way, it is a vice-versa setup. Conclusively, embrace a minimalistic attitude while you are going with Ethical fashion. 

Suiting the Salwar

While experimenting with Ethical Fashion in New Zealand nothing is cozier than the salwar. If you have been thinking salwars are monotonous, then you lack the idea where the fashionistas are heading. There is a considerably huge range of salwar including Patiala salwar, plain salwar, dhoti salwar, and slim fit salwar. The normal salwar matches with pretty much everything. Patiala is for skinny ladies as they make you look healthier. On the other hand, the narrow ones like a slim fir salwar make you look lean and can be donned up with a shirt as well.

Ethical with Western?

This is a question every lady asks to herself while trying Ethical wear; is it okay if I wear denim under an Ethical Kurti? Well, if your place of work does not have a dress code, then you could match your kurta with jeans. The petite ones look better with denim anyhow. If you operate in a formal ambiance, then pairing jeans and a kurta might come across as a blunder since it has a casual appeal which is not a good office vibe. 

Cover It with Carvings

Layering your Ethical dress with accessories is similarly central when you are going all traditional. A layer of matching scarf over your normal Kurtis can upraise the entire look altogether. If you have got nerves, run through cloaks over sarees. Pick neat cotton capes, sheer net capes or elegant silk capes. Toting a jacket or cape can make your attire entirely outstanding and trendy.

Mix and Match

Rather than going with outdated salwars and churidars, select cigarette pants or palazzos. Match your long kurtas with contrast colourGhagra. Avoid too much contrast though, as it can reduce your look if not synchronized correctly. Your Ethical skirts can look lavish if paired up with gorgeous crop tops and jackets. Test with western crop tops to adopt a fusion look. Mix and match your outfits with matching accessories and coverings to achieve a classy yet trendy look.  

Consider Your Stature

If your arms are weighty, then you should avoid a sleeveless Kurti, blouse, or choli. Furthermore, you must choose full-length sleeves since it will help the arms look a bit toned. On the other hand, if your arms are squeaky, then you should go for sleeves in flower or frilled design. Choose your Ethical outfits with a view of your body type and your comfort level.

Hail with Hairdo

While you wear Ethical attire, you can go for a bun, braid, ponytail, half-tied up hairstyle. You can also leave them open to develop a sophisticated look. Just keep in mind whatever you choose to wear accessorize your hairdo accordingly. 

That’s it for Ethicals. If you are bold enough to pair up one or two of the above-stated tips; you will surely display and elegant and trendy version of yourself. 

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