Gold Jewelry

Gold is the symbol of power, wealth, strength. It is one of the most coveted metal both by men and women. The color of gold is like sun thus in many culture of world gold represents the sign of masculinity. Gold jewelry is one of the most popular kind of jewelry on earth and quite expensive also. The interesting part of gold is its use not limited to making jewelry only, but also in different types of other industries. Many outer space rockets were made from gold as it has the capacity to stand pressure.

The metal gold has fascinated human civilization not because it is costly, but it has wonderful uses. The biggest example is the series of gold rush that happened in many places of the world. Gold has also fascinated many designers also thereby providing designer gold jewelry. From finger rings to intricately designed gold jewelry, the choices are just endless. In many Asian, gold symbolizes good luck thereby making it as integral part of important occasions of life like marriage, worshiping etc. In many countries like India, Gods were offered gold jewelry as a part of custom.

Buying Guide for gold jewelry

Whether you are buying gold jewelry for your wedding or for daily use you must know details about gold jewelry like its unit of measurement, other metals present in the gold jewelry and what are the best alternatives of gold. Interestingly pure gold is soft, but they are very durable and you can wear them easily everyday. You can choose gold jewelry according to percentage of pure gold present in it. The percentage of pure gold is written on the back or inside the gold jewelry.

An example will help you in understanding this point better. If a gold jewelry reads 10 ct it means that the jewelry is made with 10 parts of gold and the rest 14 of different types of other metals. Thus, a 10 carat gold is made with nearly 41% gold. Similarly, a 12 carat gold piece jewelry is made with nearly 50% gold followed by 14 carat and 18 carat 58% and 75% gold. 24 carat gold is made from pure gold. Always remember that authentic gold jewelry carries certified rating of carat. Thus it is important to buy jewelry that are authentic and carries the required certification.

Gold Jewelry Items

14k Gold Enamel Ladybug Anklet

  • The yellow gold that measures 14 carats has been adorned with red enamel ladybug charms. It also features a spring ring clasp. This gold jewelry piece measures 10 inches in length and weighs 8.50 grams.

Puffy Heart Charm Necklace in 14 k White or Yellow Gold

  • This necklace features a puffy heart charm that is two sided. The heart pendant measures ¾ inches in length and ½ inches in width.

Pearl Pendant Gold Chain

  • The pearl pendant, which is round in shape has been attached to a gold chain, which is sleek and elegant in design. The gold chain measures 14 to 16 inches in length and the gold weighs 2.5 grams.

Byzantine Gold Bracelet

  • The bracelet, which has been designed in a beautiful way measures 3/16 inches in length. This gold jewelry weighs 3.6 grams.

Hinged Hop Earrings in 18 k Gold

  • Each of the hoop earrings that are small in size have been made with 18 carat gold. It also features a hinged snap back so that it easily fits into your ears.

Love Knot Earrings in 18 karat Gold

  • Each of the twisted knot earring pieces has been made out of 18 karat gold. The earrings also feature push backs for your pierced ears. It is of high quality and has been polished fine.

Other metals used in gold jewelry

When different types of other metals are used in gold jewelry, it affects the color, durability and design. When other metals are mixed with gold an alloy is produced. This alloy process contributes in changing the color of your gold jewelry. When gold is mixed with copper, rose tint is produced. Depending upon the metal the shades might range from strong shades of yellow to green and in some cases blue also. Mixing of metals helps in minimizing the cost of gold jewelry and thus encouraging the buyers to buy gold jewelry according to their budgets.

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