Gemstone Jewelry

Whenever we talk about jewelry, the first thing that comes to our mind is diamond. But, diamonds are very expensive and if you have tight budget you can’t open it. Thus, if you are looking for best alternative of diamond jewelry it would be gemstone jewelry. The best part of gemstones is that it comes in different shapes and colors, thereby making it as one of the marvelous alternatives to diamond jewelry. Another interesting aspect of gem stones are it contains unusual and innovative phenomenon inside the stone.

Thus, it catches the attention immediately with features like geometrical patterns, strange looks etc. Every women dreams of possessing an unique piece of jewelry in her collection. Gemstone jewelry is such an unique piece. In fact, no two gems are of different colors and designs. Like if you pick two green colored gemstone, the pieces are bound to have difference, either in their shades or on its phenomenal look. Gemstone jewelry are sturdy and durability is just amazing. With easy maintenance, you can possess a rare and unique jewelry.

The uniqueness of Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones comes in different types and among them handmade gemstone jewelry is unique as it carries intricate details and perfection. It would be interesting to note that around the world, the art of making handmade gemstone jewelry is nearly thousand years old. The tricks and the methods implemented are being passed from generation to generation. Most of the Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka are known for making handmade gemstone jewelry. Gemstones from all these countries are being exported to all over the world. Different kinds of beads and small stones are combined with these gemstone jewelry. Natural gemstones are used in making these gemstone jewelry. The designs are mostly tradition, but right now different kinds of contemporary designs are also included. You can also made your own unique handmade gemstone jewelry by collecting different kinds of stones to make your own style statement.

Different kinds of Gemstones

There are different kinds of gemstones with wide variety of colors. The colors are unique and thus help you in making you the best fashion statement ever. Some of the well known gemstones are amethyst, ametrine, aquamarine, garnet, opal, sapphire, ruby, topaz, turquoise etc. You can get them very easily at any jewelry store and make your own unique piece of jewelry. You can also search online for making some of the exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Caring gemstones jewelry

A proper care of gemstone helps in maintaining its shine, shape and size for longer period of time. If you are wearing gemstones jewelry daily, then chances are there it night become dull. This is because reside from your hand, sweat of your skin gets build up on your gemstone. Thus, it is important to take care of them properly. You can clean your gem stone jewelry by wiping it with clean cloth and cleaning them everyday. You can also use soap solutions and soak them for few minutes and keep it flat to dry.

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