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As summer season arrives, you start choosing various sunglasses. These are marked as the most demanding styling accessories. Apart from protecting your eyes from the scorching heat of the sun, it also improves your beauty. Fashion sunglasses are worn by most of the people around the world. Either they are old or young, these items attract them very much. Variety of colors, designs make these sunglasses one of the most important parts of your style. Find below different types of sunglasses and pick the best one for your face.

Types of sunglass lenses

The main reason of using sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the UV rays. You would get different types of lens treatments which save the eyes.

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses offer your eyes deep protection from the UV radiation. It is also useful in bright sunlight.

Blue-Blocking Plastic Lenses

If your sunglasses are combined with blue-blocking lenses, you would be definitely able to block the red, amber, blue lights. But these sunglasses are not at all ideal while you’re driving the car. Actually the driver finds it hard to distinguish between traffic lights.

Polycarbonate lenses

This type of lenses are useful especially for the athletes. It helps your eyes and prevents it from the UV rays. These types of lenses are so apt for the sportsmen that they save their eyes from any kind of injury during the matches.

Fashion sunglasses for men


If you want to enjoy a sports style, choose wraps sunglasses. These are so popular among men. They are available with polarized lenses or with mirrored lenses. For protecting the eyes from the harmful heat of the sun, this sunglass is perfect.


A dashing sexy style comes with Aviators sunglasses. It is enough to offer you a handsome appearance. Wearing this, you will get a much improved personality.

Flexible frames

Various benefits are there in such sunglasses. With spring-hinge legs you can bend them easily. They are made of so flexible material, therefore, you can use them according to your wish. Those who are not expert in taking care of their possessions, can choose these types of sunglasses.

Big frames

Many men like big frame glasses. Those who want to use bifocals, trifocals can buy this kind of sunglasses. It will offer them a modern attire.

Fashion sunglasses for women

In women sunglasses, you will get some renowned names of designers who offer these vital accessories. Just have a look at the names of the brands who are pampering your look as well your style. They are as follows-

  • Dior
  • Prada
  • Chanel
  • Burberry
  • Valentino
  • Gucci
  • Fendi

Christian Dior is a big name in the fashion of sunglasses. Celebrities choose their stylish sunglasses from them. They concentrate on color and design of the product. Choose your sunglasses from these above mentioned brands and opt for the latest style

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