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Be casual! Yes, jeans make the casual style so popular. The funky, trendy appearance with numerous types of jeans makes both men and women rocking. But buying a pair of jeans is not an easy task. Especially when you are going to buy ladies jeans, you have to spend much thought in it. It should be fitted perfectly on your body. In addition, you also have to know which types of jeans are in fashion. Wearing the right stuff, you’ll be able to reflect your stylish image. Choose the best fashion jeans and enjoy the party time.

Types of Fashion Jeans

Straight Cut

A common type of jeans is straight cut. Even, it is considered as the basic kind of jeans. Actually, in every age, this classic jeans is popular among people. Wearing this, you will enjoy good comfort. The specialty of this jeans is that it is best for all body type. But those who have rectangular body shape are not suitable for this jeans. If you’ve a body shape with same sizes of waist, shoulders and hips, try to avoid a straight cut.

Flare Cut

Flare jeans are wider at the bottom part. During 1960’s this cut got huge popularity. It is somehow similar to boot cut. But this is slightly tighter and from the knee down becomes wider. At the hem, flare cut takes bell-like shape. It is usually worn under the waist line. While buying such jeans, remember that it must not be so much tight through your legs. Most of the women, loves to wear it and believe that it would not be out of fashion ever.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is known as ladies jeans and those who have perfect figure prefer it much. It promotes you a sexy attire. If you want to show off your body curve, this jeans can be the good choice. For pear-shaped women, it is not at all a good selection. Women, who possess an hourglass figure and have curvy, long legs, should wear a skinny jeans. You will get an absolutely sexy appearance.

Boot Cut

Boot cut jeans is popular among men and women. It is actually one of the most demanding denim jeans among ladies. Such types of jeans fit everybody. Showing off your curves, they will offer you great comfort. With any type of trendy top and shoes, you can enjoy this cut.

Bell Bottom

Bell bottom offers you wide-legged style. From knee downward, it becomes loose. Around your hips, bell bottom should be fitted perfectly. Men and women, everybody likes this style. Among sailors, this style was much used; therefore, this fashionable jeans carry some tradition too. Wearing this type of casual, you will get more confidence and style.

Tips on Jeans

  • When you’re buying a trendy jeans for you, remember to use the trial room. From various angle try to confirm whether you are comfortable or not. You may bend over, stretch the feet or can do whatever you like, but be sure that it is comfortable for your body type.
  • Now choose the right pair of shoes which goes best with the jeans. Each type of jeans requires different shoes. So don’t overlook this thing and opt for a perfect pair.
  • Avoid washing your jeans in warm or hot water. Just apply cold water and protect it from shrinking.
  • It is suggested to avoid buying jeans from online. Still if you’re choosing a pair for you; go for a size which is one centimeter larger than your actual size.
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