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What’s on your mind? Can we delve deep into it? Yes, that annoying face of yours, too irritated dealing those regular acne problems, can no find a better solution. Not reducing the intake of chocolates, or drinking soda is required to resist acne growth. The arena of products readily available is huge – loads of beauty regimens are just a hands away in the retail stores or the drug stores. The most used method to treat acne is clean the face with moderate cleansers and water. Further it should not be used roughly. There should be gentle movements over the face. If irritation or reddish tinge occurs, it viably shows that her might be a possibility of acne breaking out.

The four keywords to look for while selecting a mild cleanser are –

  • Oil-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Non-comedogenic

There are some other products also which has the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide component, effective for resisting acne.

The three types of mild cleansers –

  • Wipe-off cleansers
  • Mild soaps
  • Water-soluble cleansers

Wipe-off cleansers comprise of make-up removers and cold creams. While choosing a soap as cleanser, it should be kept in mind that it mentions the word ‘mild’ or ‘non-drying’. The inevitable deciding factor is that your cleansing soap should have moisturizers to hold on the moisture to your skin. He last category is the gentle of all among the three. The acne wash products should be used every morning after getting up from sleep and also before going to sleep at night, such that the entire day’s pollution is wiped out. The face should not be wiped hard, neither should hard towels or scrubbers be used. Scrubbing is not at all necessary because dirt in itself is not the prime cause of acne at all. There can be no viable solution if you tend to fight with it, rather than tending it carefully and softly. Bare hands can be used to moderately massage across the face because fighting with it can solve none of your problems.

Steps to use face wash

Product needed – facial cleanser comprising salicylic acid

  • The hair should be tied back from the face with the help of a head band.
  • An antibacterial soap should be used to wash off your hands preventing any acne causing bacteria to get transferred to the face.
  • Then some lukewarm water should be splashed to make it ready for cleansing
  • Take the soap and gently apply it with your fingers in rounds on your face for about 30 seconds.
  • Then the face should be rinsed off with cool water and gently patted with a clean soft towel.

There you look pretty as ever – on the other side of the mirror!!! Now on a clean face, you are all ready to apply the acne medication treatment prescribed by your dermatologist. Even if you were not using an active dermatology treatment, cleansing the face properly (following the above guidelines) shall surely chase away that blackish blemish from your face.

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