Now, another way to restrict acne from augmenting, one can try out exercise means. Any which ways, exercise is good for nurturing a good skin and let it remain fresh and young. If one resorts to exercise on a daily basis, logically and scientifically, the flow of blood and oxygen rise in the skin cells. During the course of exercise, if one sweats then toxin is released from the opened pores. In a turn, the pores gets cleansed from all dirt, the dead skin cells are removed and excess sebum is expelled out.

Stress and toxin are the dual important factors to cause acne. Once the exercise regime is followed vigorously, the kidneys and livers function properly to help remove toxins from the body and stress is also lessened. As a proven fact, it has been observed that acne seem to occur to people to drink comparatively less water, thus after exercise it should be made mandatory to drink plenty of water.

Recommended exercises

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Team sports
  • Any outdoor exercise

It is sometimes seen that acne gets aggravated by regular exercises. If it at all happens that way, then the underlying factors should be identified in the initial stages. The usual two factors which cause acne in spite of doing exercises are:

  • Make-up
  • Clothing

Though, oil free make up products are used during exercises, yet they tend to block the pores, thus reducing the probability to tend acnes. The solution is that one has to put on as less make-up as possible while taking on an exercise regime. And as soon as you are done with it, wash it off gently. The best option is to rake a shower after working out. Applying a sunscreen becomes obligatory while taking on any outdoor exercises. Criteria is attached here too, such as to choose a product which is oil-free and bears a protection factor with a minimum SPF 15 ideally for both UVA and UVB rays. In a similar pattern like make-ups, sunscreens too tend to block the pores, thus its advisable to wash off your face after exercising. The key word remains that one has to be gentle with the skin – and keep in mind that harshly rubbing the skin or scrubbing shall not solve your problems in any ways!

Coming down to the second blocking factor, synthetic fabrics holds back the heat and moisture against your skin, ideally creating a platform for the breeding of bacteria, which augments the acne growth. If you further want to stay sure about avoiding acne on your skin, don’t use clothing made solely with lycra or nylon. Loose fitted clothes and natural fibers allow the skin to breathe properly, thus allowing to stay free from sweat. Lightweight, loose-fitting cotton fibers are best suited for moderate exercise. If you ideally follow a vigorous routine, the new fabrics in th market designed to draw moisture away from the skin, might be tried for better results. Concluding the statement, a well-planned exercise regime is important for one’s overall health. If you can ideally identify the factors causing those black and white blemishes on your skin, then the apt ways to minimize them can also be taken accordingly.

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