Cartier Jewelry

Cartier jewelry is known for its designs and finish. The jewelry offers you unique style. You enjoy a fantastic makeover just after wearing the exclusive Cartier jewelry fashion accessories. Most of the women around the world are fond of this stylish fashion item. Apart from jewelries, Cartier SA also offers luxury watches. Basically they are French jeweler and also manufacture watches. The headquarter of Cartier is in Paris. If you are looking for some luxury jewelry items, buy this brand. It will definitely help you to look gorgeous. Whether you wear a formal wear or a casual wear, the collections are countless. You have ample of options to fetch the best jewelry.

History of Cartier fashion jewelry

In Paris, in the year 1847, the popular jewelry brand was established. Louis-Francois Cartier was the founder of the company. The brand got its worldwide popularity because of the three grandsons of Louis-Francois. The three talented persons were Louis, Pierre and Jacques. During, inspired by the complain of the Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont, the company introduced a flat wristwatch. It had a separate square bezel. The watch became hit among all important clients of Cartier. In this way, the exclusive design of “Santos” was made. Like the interesting history of the watch, Cartier jewelry was also designed with unique style. The recognition of the jewelry items proves its high demand in the world.

Achievements of Cartier jewelry

  • The company has been serving not only common mass, celebrities and royal personalities too come into their customer list. The long history of the company proves this. Many celebrities and renowned personalities were satisfied wearing their brand. Price of Wales titled the jewelry brand as “Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers.” This was a great admiration for Cartier. The title indicates the honor of the king of jewelers.
  • For the coronation ceremony of the future king, Cartier got a series of order of tiaras. The exact figures of tiaras were around 27.
  • In 1902, Edward VII was crowned as the king. During his reigning period, he bestowed Cartier with the Royal warrant of supplier. The company got this honor for the Royal Court of England.
  • After this recognition, Cartier received more such honor from Russia, Siam, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Egypt and also from Albania. Furthermore, Cartier was hailed by the Principality of Monaco and the House of Orleans.
  • In current time, Cartier is the number 1 seller around the world in the field of luxury fashion jewelry. Its watches get the number 2 position in the entire world.

Cartier Jewelry Collection

Cartier 2 Bowling Charms, Pendants 14K Gold

  • The Cartier charms or the pendants of the bowling ball are fixed to a bowling pin. The bowling ball includes three holes that resemble the shape of your fingers, so that you are able to hold it with ease. The bowling balls measures in diameter slightly less than ½ an inch. The bowling pin approximately measure in length ¾ of an inch.

Cartier Signed Ruby Heart Necklace

  • It is also referred to as the Cartier Signed Ruby Heart Necklace. It has been graced with pave ser diamonds and pave set rubies. The rubies and diamonds have been set against a yellow gold that weighs 18 carats. It measures 16 inches in length.

Cartier Classic Diamond Ellipse Ring

  • It features a single diamond that has been set on yellow gold. The diamond weighs 18 karats. Though it is simple looking, it has a touch of elegance to it.

Cartier Earrings Creole Diamonds 18 k Gold

  • The earrings have been adorned with six strips of diamonds. There are eleven diamonds in each strip. The total number of diamonds is 132.

Cartier Diamond and Platinum Ribbon Earrings

  • This pair of ribbon earrings has been set in platinum.

Cartier inspired Blue Leopard Necklace

  • Grab this exotic Leopard jewelry. The collection looks fabulous in its large smokey blue crystal. In the sparkling crystals, you can notice the leopard spots. Wearing this, you would surely look superb. Price is so reasonable. Spend only around $34 and get this exclusive item.

Panthere de Cartier Earrings

  • This exclusive earring is designed in unique shape. The design and finish is mind blowing. With black and silver combination, the earring offers you gorgeous look.

Original Cartier Tri-Color Gold Earrings

  • The tri color gold jewelry from Cartier is outstanding. Your appearance would get luxury style wearing it. It color combination and shine makes you so beautiful.
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