Gothic Hair Styles

Gothic Hair Style is a mixture of Punk and Elvira Dark. Gothic hair styles are aimed at creating a dark and mysterious look. The style is very popular among youngsters who want to create a startling impression. Sometimes Gothic hair styles also represent the spiritual side of a person. Gothic hair styles are well known for their shapes and use of colors. The style suits almost all types of faces and hair texture.

Color Trends for Gothic Hair Styles:

Hair color is an important part of Gothic hair style. Appropriate selection of hair color brings the desired effect. You can go for a single tone or double tone. Pitch black is an all time favorite for Gothic hair styles with single color.You can also sport a stunning look by dyeing your hair strands with sharp colors like pink, green, turquoise or blue.

Popular Gothic Hair Styles:

Gothic styles come in various shapes and colors. Some of the popular Gothic hair styles are Big Gothic Style, Short Gothic Style, Beehive Hairdo, Long Straight Gothic Style, Short Blunt Bangs and High Pointed Gothic Style. In the Long Straight Goth Style, hair ends are cut into uneven points which are later adjusted with a blob of hair gel. Beehive Hairdo is one of the most popular Gothic hair styles. It resembles the smooth bulbous nose of the classic bomber look. The sleek Goth style can be worn for formal occasions, as well informal parties.

Celebrity Gothic Hair Styles:

Gothic hair styles are very popular with celebrities (boys & girls) of all ages. Marilyn Manson is an all time favorite with her Dita von Teese Goth hair style. Amy Winehouse looks pretty in medieval Goth Style. Marge Simpson is well known for her Bouffants. If you have short straight hair, you can try Christina Ricci’s gothic Adams Family Glow style.

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