How to control blood pressure through yoga Exercise

We all know that yoga has a number of healing qualities. It is not only beneficial for our physical health but also beneficial for our mental health. Yoga is popular for releasing mental stress and anxiety. However, do you know regular practice of yoga can reduce the blood pressure? It not only controls blood pressure, but also lowers down high blood pressure. Yoga meditation are responsible for stabilizing the high blood pressure and at the same time, it also controls hypertension in different parts of the body.However, not all yoga asanas are beneficial for reducing the high blood pressure. There are a number of yoga institutes, where you can get the right yoga instructions. There are a number of online yoga schools, from where you also can get the knowledge about yoga. However, here are some categories of yoga such as sitting, inversions, supine, and forward bends, which can help you to fight with high blood pressure.Sitting yoga asanas: Some sitting asanas such as Virasana and BGaddhakonasana may help you, if you are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure. You need to practice them regularly. These asanas will be little difficult at the initial stage because of its hard breathing exercises. These aforementioned exercises release tension from the intercostal muscles and the ribs. This process lets you feel a less-difficult breathing and at the same time, it also control blood pressure.Inversions yoga asanas: Inversions yoga asanas like Halasana and Viparita Karanti are also very helpful to reduce your blood pressure. These two asanas revitalize the human nervous system and thereby control stability in diaphragm and lungs. If you have complaint of high blood pressure, you can practice these two asanas regularly. Regular practices will improve your overall health as well. Apart from these two asanas, you also can practice Svanasana or pranayama. These two forms of yoga exercises will sooth your nervous system, which in turn stabilizes your blood pressure. These asanas are so beneficial that you even can get help if you have complaints of severe high blood pressure.Supine yoga asanas: Supine yoga asanas such as Supta Baddhakonasana are also very beneficial for treating high blood pressure. These asanas release the tension from the abdomen region and thereby it effects on the entire body. These asanas are extremely beneficial for treating hypertension of different body parts.Forward bends: Forward bends asanas are perhaps the best to treat the complaints of high blood pressure or hypertension. These asanas can lower down the blood pressure problem to zero. These asanas always have a calming effect on the entire body. Not only the brain functions are normalized but also these asanas improve blood circulation. These asanas are extremely beautiful in case of high blood pressure. These asanas concentrate more on neutralizing the blood circulation, which has a natural effect on hypertension.Apart from these aforementioned asanas, there are a number of asanas, which can cure blood pressure or lower down hypertension. Among all, Uttanasana and Adhomukha Svanasana are the most popular yoga asana to treat high blood pressure.

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