Identify good and bad carbohydrate

As the name suggests South Beach Diet helps you sliming down and lowering the risk of your heart attack. There is a common notion that carbohydrates is the main culprit of fat accumulation of body. But in reality carbohydrates are good for health and intake of good carbohydrate only enhances in making the body healthy and sound. But the problem is we never knew about good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. This is the point from where South Beach Diet starts working. The diet plan is not only a low carbohydrate diet, but helps the dieters in understanding the difference between good and bad carbohydrate.

The brain child behind South Beach Diet

This effective diet plan is designed by cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston and Marie Almon, the dietitian. The diet is considered to be low fat approach. The most important part is the dieters can lose weight without hampering the nutritional requirement of body. South Beach Diet is based on Glycemic Index means that the foods are ranked as per the level of glycemic.

Know good carbohydrate and bad carbohydrate

Thus, from the above discussion it is clear that South Beach Diet insists on striking a healthy balance between fats and carbohydrates. Thus, foods with bad carbohydrates are strictly prohibited in this diet that includes baked goods, soft drinks and different types of sweets. With minimizing the intake of bad carbohydrates your body will experience better metabolize what you eat and resist the improvement of insulin resulting in weight loss.

How South Beach Diet work?

The diet is divided into three phase. Each phase concentrates on relaxing the dieter in terms of what one can eat and cannot eat. Thus, this will result in losing weight in faster rate at earlier phase compared to later phase. But the point is no person on this earth wants to be on strict diet, throughout his or her life. Thus, this becomes the main reason why most of the diet fails to work. In order to gain a healthy body the dieter thus moves to different phases. The phases are the basis of South Beach Diet.

The three phases of South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet Phase 1: The first phase is the most strict phase of diet. The phase strictly insists on having taking six meals throughout the day. But the food must have low fats and low Glycemic index to control the blood sugar level. The phase continues for 2 weeks.South Beach Diet Phase 2: In this phase the intake of healthy carbohydrates are slowly introduced like fruit and whole grain bread. Glycemic index is used in picking low carbohydrate food and how it affects in blood sugar level. The phase depends on ability to monitor weight and body reaction after intake of carbohydrate enriched food.
South Beach Diet Phase 3: This phase continues with the rest of your life. The phase insist on providing a plan that the cravings for bad foods will go forever and help in attaining your ideal weight.September 10th, 2010 at 12:01 | #1Reply | QuoteI really like what you write on here. I try and visit your blog every day so keep up the good work!

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