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It is so important to know your skin type. Without a proper knowledge of your skin type,  you cannot enjoy the glowing beautiful look. Skin is the basic part of beauty. It reflects your look with glow and freshness. But sometimes, you go through various skin conditions. You may discover burning, itching or stinging sensation on the skin. If you’re suffering from such situation, your skin may be sensitive. Such skin type people cannot enjoy the pleasure of luxurious makeups freely. They have to choose any skin care product so carefully. It is observed in a survey that more than 20% of adults experience sensitive skin. Apart from cosmetic reactions, these people can react on sudden climate changes. Even stress also affects their skin in great extent. If your skin is also prone to such conditions, you should follow some tips.

Simple tips for sensitive skin

  • You have to take great care of your skin. Applying harsh cosmetic ingredients, you would invite itching and other associated problems. A good way to treat the skin is to exfoliate it with the help of a soft wet cloth. In lieu of using scrub, gently rub the cloth on the skin. It will wipe off the dead skin cells smoothly from your face. Retinoids are also effective in eliminating the top layer of your dead skin cells. Most of the skin specialists believe that retinoids are great in treating sensitive skin type.
  •  Over washing may damage your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive the risk becomes higher. Just wash the face twice a day. You may take warm water to provide better effect. Don’t choose hot or cold water for this purpose. When buying cleanser, opt for oil free formula. It will protect the skin from getting any acne, scar or other problems.
  •  Like other skin type people, your skin also demands sunscreen. Apply a gel-based sunscreen lotion which is rich in SPF 15 or more. You have to reapply it throughout the entire day. Especially after swimming, sweating, you must wear sunscreen. This will protect the skin from the reaction of the sun rays.
  •  Indulge yourself in hydrating the skin. Using a good moisturizer, you can moisturize the skin. It will become soft and supple. The product seals moisture into your skin. For sensitive skin type, water based moisturizer which absorbs into the skin is best.
  •  Waterproof cosmetics are not ideal for sensitive skin type people. You may choose powder cosmetics to offer proper makeup to the skin. Such products offer less harm to the sensitive skin. For a fabulous result you may opt for powder based products.

Sensitive skin at home treatments

  • Grapefruit and oatmeal mixture offers your skin a fabulous care. You have to collect 3 to 4 tablespoons of oatmeal. Add this to some grapefruit juice. Prepare a thick paste. Leave on your face for at least 15 minutes. Now applying warm water, wash your face. It will offer a good exfoliation to the skin.
  •  Mix 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of rosewater together. Spread this all over your face. Wait for 20 minutes and when it becomes dry, wash the face with luke warm water. It will offer you a bright and smooth skin.
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