A Unique Weight Loss Program With Atkins Diet

Since 1972, Dr. Robert Atkins has been offering his diet which becomes famous in the name of  Atkins diet. It got popularity by the publication of one of his best selling books, Dr Atkins’ New Diet Revolution. Basically the Atkins diet is characterized by high protein, low carbohydrate diet which helps  in great extent  to loose weight. People who are following this diet can enjoy good amount of protein and adequate fat. Restricting the carbohydrate, you get all nutrition quotient in your diet. For assisting your weight loss program, you may  include this nutritious diet. It will definitely help you to get a desired body shape. Find below more on this healthy diet.

Benefits of Atkins diet

Atkins diet is fantastic in combating with heart diseases and obesity. It protects the heart from being affected by the harmful elements. Those who experience heavy weight or are obese, can try this healing diet.

Choosing this diet you will help the body to shed some extra weight in natural way. It motivates us to adopt good eating habits and thus brings improvement in our metabolic process.

One of the main reason why people are going towards this special diet is that Atkins diet encourages the body in quick weight loss. Strictly following this diet, people feel relieved within a week. It promotes good energy to the body.

Apart from curing heart diseases, the diet is expert in treating cholesterol problem, hypertension, polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetes and more. For enjoying a disease free healthy life, include it in your meal.

In expressing his views Dr Atkins informs, people who are overweight eat excess carbohydrates. If your diet is rich in more fat and protein and less carbohydrates, the body would naturally loose weight. Thus you become able to enjoy the essential fats too. This idea can be known as the basic principle of Atkins diet.
It is very easy to follow Atkins diet. Therefore, you can happily enjoy this for a better health.
Atkins Diet Menu Sample

During the later stage of Atkins diet, you may choose menu like the following–

Breakfast: Take Italian sausage frittata and a cup of herbal tea

Lunch: Opt for tuna salad along with mixed leafy greens. It should be  topped with bacon bits.

Dinner: Prefer bacon cheeseburger at your dinner. Take it  with broccoli and cauliflower. You should also try fresh fruit kebobs

Snacks: Choose snack bar which is fortified with high-protein and low-sugar.

Experts’ comments

Although Dr Atkins is confident enough about the healthy aspects of the diet, many nutrition experts express different opinion. They disagree with him on the basic notion that low-fat and high carbohydrate diets are responsible for obesity. Many of the dietitians indicate that the traditional Japanese diet is rich in carbohydrates and low in protein and fats. These types of food are expert in offering a slim trim figure. It also keeps obesity at bay. These experts believe that the main cause of  obesity is eating  high calorie food and doing no exercise. Even the nutritionists are also concerned about the effects of Atkins diet on the health of the dieters. Less carbohydrate, such as grains, fruits, vegetables can damage the overall health of the dieter. He may suffer from nutrition deficiency too.

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