Birthmark Removal

birthmark removalBirth mark as the name suggests is a mark formed on the face skin by birth. Some birth marks are small, inconspicuous, while some ca be bothering to the extent that they may even lower self esteem and also cause future health hazards.



These are tumors or lesions that develop on infants just after birth. Tiny blood vessels bundle up and cause them. These are the most common tumors found in babies and usually are found around the head and neck. Some disappear within a few months after birth, while others might take a longer time. Please consult a certified experienced physician about these conditions.


These include various types of birthmarks including moles and Mongolian spots While most moles are non hazardous, some nevi may have cancerous effects later on in life. Coffee skin spots are caused due to too much pigmentation, they do not fade away and do not require treatment. Mongolian sots on the other hand are flat, blue patches found on children. These marks usually disappear with age.


These are light pink think fat patches of discoloration. Usually found on babies, either on the upper eyelids or on the back of their neck, and these usually disappear with age.


These are abnormal development of blood vessels and are congenital. These can be identified as flat birthmarks that are pink or red at birth, but gradually darken to a red purple after several years. These marks do not fade away and can cause health concerns if around the eye.


Surgery This is the option used when other non surgical and non invasive options don’t work. In most cases a hemangioma that is large or found on an internal organ.


Lasers are used to treat birthmarks that are on the skin. This can be performed at any age. During the treatment bursts of laser rays are projected at the birth mark to shrink it or to stop it from growing. Usually more than one visits are required to treat such kinds of marks.

What about the pain?

The pain completely depends on the type of procedure opted for. Usually laser therapy patients experience a mild pain and some experience a mild burning sensation.

Post Operative Care

After laser treatments the skin usually darkens and assumes a reddish or a purple tinge. This lasts for about a week and disappear later on, sometimes it could take up to 8 weeks. Also after laser treatments, patients should use a sunscreen and make sure never to scratch the operated area.


Any surgical removal involves the same risks that of a surgery. The includes infection, scarring and bleeding. If anesthesia is used, anesthetic allergy could also occur.


The cost varies depending on the type of birthmark and its removal technique. Costs however revolve around $400-500. Fees also depend and vary from region to region. The total cost however might be different depending on the consultants fees and techniques used. Unfortunately there are no medical insurances for cosmetic surgery procedures, but most surgeons offe financing options.

The Final Checklist

With the increasing demand and popularity for cosmetic surgeries, its best to look out for the authorized list of surgeons. Also make sure you do a comprehensive research yourself, keeping factors like costs, risks involved and other key areas in mind. Certain surgeries require no down time, while others are complicated and require much attention of yours and your surgeon’s. So chose the right doctor and ask him what suits you best, rather than just opting for a cosmetic therapy just for the sake of it

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