Aviator Sunglasses

It was Ray-Ban, the pioneer sunglass manufacturing company, who introduced the Aviator Sunglasses. It was back in the year, when this type of sunglasses came into being. The Aviator sunglasses brought a wind of change in the field of sunglass creation. The main difference lay in the appearance of the sunglasses. They mainly comprised reflective lens, which were about two to three times bigger than the normal size of the lens and used to cover greater part of the eye. The lenses were clinked in metal frames connected with temples made of wire which were hooked to the back of the ears. At present the Aviator Sunglasses also come with polarized lens. The lenses in the Aviator sunglasses are bigger but they are never fitted straight but tend upon bellying out slightly.

The big lenses acted as great guard to the eyes preventing sunrays entering the eyes from any side to a great extent. At first the Aviator Sunglasses were mainly used by the people having exposure to military and civil aviation but later on it became much popular by setting a fashion statement. During the 70s and the 80s, it became much into vogue. The officers enforcing law also became particularly interested about the Aviator Sunglasses as these sunglasses bear properties to prevent glare to a great degree. Actually the design of the sunglasses has been primarily devised from the perspective of providing assistance to the shooters and therefore the anti glare characteristics have been induced in it. The military pilots started wearing this kind of sunglasses as they found it beneficial in assisting them during their day missions and contests

The Aviator Sunglasses had immense popularity among the navy and the army officers and the reasons are numerous. The Aviator sunglasses started replacing the older form of goggles by 1941. The Aviator Sunglasses soon constituted a range of celebrity sunglasses as at different times, several renowned personalities were been seen to wearing this kind of sunglasses. General Douglas Mac Arthur was one of the renowned personalities who endorsed the Aviator Sunglasses to a great extent. During the World War II, he landed on a beach in Philippines wearing the Aviator Sunglasses. Several snaps of him were taken on that occasion and it did the magic and the Americans got influenced by the style.

During 1980s, the Aviator Sunglasses hit the silver screen and was widely been used in different movies by well known actors. The famous names who were known to sport the aviator sunglasses are Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, include John Lennon, Travis Bickle, Jim Morrison, Mas Oyama, Shahrukh Khan, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and GG Allin Slash, M. Shadows, Sam Totman, Johnny Knoxville, Pat Lobene, Freddie Mercury, Roger Waters, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Hunter S. Thompson, Irwin Sparkes, Lemmy Kilmister and Kanye West. Aviator Sunglasses thus ruled the sphere of fashion related to shades to a great extent and is still very much into limelight with the forms just changing dimensions with time.

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