Acne Medications

Acne is one of the most disturbing skin problems that one suffers. Acne takes lot of time in curing and sometimes causes permanent scarring. But with correct procedure and acting on time, your can save your skin from acne. Thankfully, the research in medical science have provided us with lots of acne medications. Some medications include systematic and topical acne medications solutions and others include homeopathic treatments also. The application of acne medications entirely depends on the causes of acne.

Types Of Acne Medications:

Topical Acne Medications: you can search your local drug or medical store and go for various creams, lotions and gels in healing acne. If your acne belongs to mild and moderates categories of acne, then these medications will work perfectly. The main components of this type of acne medications are benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, lactic or resorcinol acid, salicylic acid. These medications are know in combating the problem of acne effectively. But if you notice that these medications are failing in treating your acne, then you must consult either a dermatologist or a doctor as quickly as possible. This is because you might be suffering from severe type of acne. These professionals will prescribe you with strong topical acne medication in treating this type of acne. Some of the other kinds of topical acne medications are tretinoin and adapalene. These active ingredients are the basic components of topical creams. The source of these ingredients are vitamin A. The creams prevent the hair follicles from chocking, that contributes in developing acne and helps in rapid cell regeneration.

Antibiotics: For other severe types of acne, topical antibiotics is prescribed for the concerned patient. The ingredients used in these medicines intends to kill or destroy the harmful bacteria causing acne. They are also equally good in combating bacteria that contributes to frequent outbreak and inflammation. This type of acne medication must be taken only after it is prescribed by the doctor. This kind of medications is prescribed from one week to months , depending on the condition of the skin and body. A patient must complete the entire course of antibiotic acne medications to achieve the desired results.

Isotretinoin: Nodules and cysts are some of the worse type of acne where even antibiotics fail to reach. Patients suffering from this type of acne are prescribed with isotretinoin acne medication. It yields good results in treating these types of stubborn acne. Though the results may vary depending on the In fact this acne medication is last medicine for treating hard acnes. The main aim of all these acne medications is to heal the affected skin, prevention of scars and further outbreak of new acnes. Treatment of acne takes time and the patient must follow the instructions of doctors strictly. However, if you suffer from any allergies and other side effects from any type of acne medications, then you must consult your concerned dermatologist without wasting time. Today, researches and studies are conducted all over the world in providing the patients with better and better acne medication.

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