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It is all on you. It depends on your skin type – as to why is there a outbreak of acne on your skin. If one is able to dig out the exact skin type and excavate the reason behind the acne occurring, it is much easier for you to find an acne face wash from the wide range of products in the market. It also depends on how much you want to spend to tend your acnes.

The three kinds of skin which exists widely are –


  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin
  • Dry skin

Acnes visibly occur in all these three skin types. Accordingly, if the skin type is known, then the exact face wash can get you effective results. For instance, if you suffer from a dry acne and you apply an abrasive cleaner, there might be higher acne breakouts. Similarly, one with an oily skin, if applies a face wash having a built in moisturizer, it is surely going to give you more problems than already existing. Finding an acne face wash that can effectively tend combination skin problems, might however be a little difficult.

The reason being that the T zone (the area from your forehead down to the chin) might be oily and have its separate set of problems. On the other hand, the skin on the face might be completely normal. This implies that if an abrasive acne face wash is used to clear up the oil spots, one can easily invite problems on the other areas as it might have got too dried up from the treatment on the oily areas. The advisable strategy is to find an acne face wash designed to treat the oily areas, but soon after getting out of the shower, it must be made mandatory to apply moisturizer on the left out areas.

Points to be kept in mind while washing your face are –

  • ‘Oil-free’ and ‘non-comedogenic’ are the two terms that one should look for while choosing a face wash. If additional terms like, ‘mild, ‘non-irritating’, and ‘non-overdrying’ are mentioned as well, then the right product has been found.
  • The face should be washed twice a day, morning and evening, as excess washing might initiate irritation.
  • Bare hands should be used while washing your face.
  • After washing it off, it should be patted dry. Rubbing it dry shall only aggravate the entire treatment.

Acne is not caused by poor hygiene but by blocked pores and thus if too much of washing and rubbing is done, it can worsen the situation. But all these treatments only there to give you temporary solution? As it might be that even after applying all the possible products to reduce it, you might have to start the days work or enter your college with a blemish on you face. And yes, even after following the necessary steps, it is no good if your self confidence is hurt at some point. That’s why it is said that the best acne face wash might only give you a temporary solution, only to reduce the outbreak of acnes and not get inside the root of the problem

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