10 Hairstyles For Workplace

Unkempt hair is very unprofessional. But that does not mean you have to tie your hair up every time you step into your workplace! Fashion and style are not to be kept aside for only the evening party. Even professionals can try out a variety of hairstyles while they are working. Here is a list of the best 10 hairstyles for the workplace.

Curly Bob – This haircut suits women with curly or wavy hair the most. While you can show off your curls, you can also achieve a professional look. The hair is tied tightly at the back of the head, so you appear neat and tidy too. The hair must be cut short for the bob to look its best.

High Ponytail – This is one of the most traditional hairstyles that professionals have sported. It is best suited for women who wear long wavy hair. The best way to look neat is to take the whole width of hair and tie it into a high ponytail.

Braids – For women with long hair, a side braid looks not only good but also stylish. You can choose between different types of braids, but cornrows or scalp braids look best at work.

All Down Look – Yes you can leave your hair open at work, just taking care to comb it properly. In this case hair must be only shoulder length and should be limp, not frizzy.

The Clutch Look – This style can be adopted in any type of hair. Just take your hair together and tie using a clutch clip at the upper part. Let the other half of hair lie loose.

The Accessorized Hair – Workplace protocol often does not allow the use of very flashy accessories to be used on the hair. But occasional use of headbands, bobby pins and hair ties are allowed. Only make sure that they are not too brightly colored. In the winters, swap a scarf with a headband and look bright even while you are working!

Twisted Strand – Who says that only straight hair is proper for the workplace? Waves and curls look equally good if managed properly so when you have wavy or curly hair, do not straighten it, rather twist it to give proper shape. Pay special attention to the end of the hair and make sure that this part disappears into the upper part.

The French Hairdo – This is one of the most classical ways to tie the hair at the workplace. First tie the hair in a ponytail. Now twist the pony carelessly and use clips to fasten the middle part. Make sure that all the side strays are rolled under the middle part of the hair.

The Pin-Up Style – This style is best for women who have silky straight hair that is difficult to manage and not long enough to tie. Attach the sides of the hair with clips to the scalp. Keeping hair off face and eyes will give you a neat look.

No Messy Hairstyle – The key to professional styling is to maintain a look that is well put together. No matter which hairstyle you adopt and the type of hair you have, use a hairspray or hair gel to control the flyaways.

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