10 Great Skin Exfoliants

If you want good looking skin, you have to get rid of some of it! Exfoliation is very important to maintain the shine and health of skin; through this process you can remove the dead skin cells that form a white layer on the surface of skin and cause dryness & itching. Listed below are 10 great exfoliants that can work wonders for your skin.

Honey – Honey must be incorporated in your regular skincare routine. Rub unprocessed honey on your skin. It has anti bacterial properties that help to prevent the occurrence of infections. The antioxidants help to reduce inflammation of skin and keep it hydrated.

Baking Soda – Add one teaspoon of baking soda in the cleanser you use every morning. Rubbing this against your skin will give you a treatment that can only be matched by the spas. Most microdermabrasion treatments use baking soda for treating dry sensitive skin.

Yogurt – Apply yogurt on the face and any other body part and leave for 20 minutes to get smooth skin. The lactic acid in yogurt gently exfoliates skin and gets it rid of dead skin cells.

Fruits and Nuts – The seeds of fruits like blackberry & raspberry and ground nuts like almond if massaged in skin in regular circular movements, serve as effective exfoliants. The friction caused by the granules helps in loosening and removing the dead skin cells.

Oatmeal – This is one of the gentlest exfoliating agents available; so no injury is caused if it is rubbed against skin. Moreover, oatmeal has anti inflammatory properties and is also a good moisturizer. Mix oatmeal with honey and yogurt to prepare the best facial scrub ever.

10 Great Skin Exfoliants

Sugar – Sugar contains glycolic acid that helps to break down protein cells in skin. It is protein that prevents falling of dead skin cells from the skin surface. Mix sugar with olive oil before you rub it on your face or any other part of the body.

Lemon Juice – Lemon is a natural source of alpha hydroxyl acid that helps in breaking protein cells on skin and hence removes the dead skin cells. Preferably mix lemon juice with sugar syrup before applying to prevent premature drying of skin.

Coffee – Ground coffee beans and mix with warm water or massage oil. Rub it in your skin and massage gently to get smooth shiny skin. Remember to apply moisturizer after exfoliation as coffee may cause dryness of skin.

Papaya – The enzyme papain in papaya helps in dissolving the old dead skin cells without affecting the new ones. Green papayas are more effective than ripe ones.

Sea Salt – The abrasive nature of sea salt makes it a good exfoliant. Add sea salt to your bath or mix with glycerin to rub on the skin. Get smooth skin in a week.

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