10 Extremely Seductive Body Lotions

Body lotions are used not only for hydrating and moisturizing the skin but also for their wonderful smell. If you can smell good throughout the day, you will also feel confident and lively; and who knows you may end up winning the admiration of the man sitting just across you! Choose from an assortment of floral sweet to spicy and warm fragrances available in a wide range of seductive body lotions available in the market these days! Start your day with the application of fragranced body lotions and feel fresh and happy!

The Top 10 Seductive Body Lotions along with Their Prices

  • Bath and Body Works Velvet Tuberose Body Lotion
  • Gucci ‘Envy Me’ Women’s Body Lotion
  • Caswell Massey Sea Grass Hand and Body Lotion
  • Bath and Body Works Temptations Frozen Daiquiri Body Lotion
  • Fracas Silkening Body Lotion by Robert Piguet
  • Calgon Tahitian Orchid Body Cream
  • Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfumed Body Lotion
  • Caswell Massey Pear Blossom Hand and Body Lotion
  • Bath and Body Works X4 Into the Wild Lotus Body Lotion
  • Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Touch Body Lotion
  • Which Fragrances are Considered Seductive in a Body Lotion?
10 Extremely Seductive Body Lotions

Floral – The flower power is supreme when it comes to fragrances, talcs and perfumes used by women. Opt for the smell of rose or camellia in body lotions. Jasmine is another popular but strong smell commonly used in body lotions.

Spicy – This is perhaps the most seductive smell in the case of body lotions. Body lotions which use ginger fragrance are considered gorgeously sexy! Besides ginger, use skin lotions that are enriched with the oils of other spices such as juniper berry, geranium, ylang ylang, cinnamon and patchouli. According to beauty experts, cinnamon creates warmth and patchouli arouses desire in people staying in close proximity to those who apply these body lotions.

Warm – Many women like the sweet warmth of substances like vanilla for seducing their partners. Vanilla has a very rich seductive fragrance that is often made use of in body creams and lotions. Beauticians over the world have suggested the use of vanilla enriched body lotions to get a relaxing and calm, yet sexy, effect after a hot shower. This seductive smell is great for use only at night.

Other Essentials of a Seductive Body Lotion

Texture – The texture of a body lotion is very important, because it has to be used for skincare. So use water based seductive lotions if you have oily skin and greasy lotions if your skin is very dry.

Ingredients – Cocoa butter, almond oil and flower infusions are essential ingredients of a body lotion. Make sure that by application of the lotion your skin stays supple and well hydrated.

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