10 Best Skin Care Products for Men

Department stores may be heaping up on products for women’s skincare. But it has to be admitted that that even men need their fair share of creams and lotions to keep their skin protected and free from aging and other ailments. Listed below are ten products that every man must store in his cupboard and incorporate in his daily skincare regimen.

Moisturizing Face Wash – Men’s skin tends to dry faster than women’s. A normal cleanser will rob the skin of its natural moisture. Moisturizing properties in face wash ensures locking of moisture in the skin; a well hydrated skin looks beautiful.

Exfoliating Scrub – Use a scrub at least twice a week for soft and smooth skin. Exfoliation helps to get rid of germs on the upper layer of skin; it opens up the skin pores to help removal of excess oil and thus prevents the appearance of acne.

Shaving Cream – Needless to say, a boy requires shaving cream from his adolescent years. But choosing the right shaving cream is important based on the type of skin and resistance to allergies. Dermatologists recommend use of only such shaving creams which form a light lather. Also, it is important to remember the fact that heavily fragranced shaving creams cause irritation and rashes on skin more than the gentle ones.

Shaving Balm – Shaving is a regular activity for every man. Ensure that your skin is protected from cuts afflicted by a razor by using an alcohol free balm. Application of the balm also prevents dryness and accumulation of dead cells on skin surface.

Shaving Oil – Application of this oil on the face before shaving reduces friction caused by a razor; so this means that it prevents you shaving ingrown hair and hair nicks and causing pain. Apply the oil before application of shaving cream.

Acne Blemish Treatment – Pimples and acne break out not only on women’s but men’s faces too. Keep a bottle of salicylic acid lotion handy and apply few drops on the acne affected regions of your face to soothe inflammation.

Sunscreen Lotion or Cream – Sun damage may lead to discoloration of skin and fine lines under the eyes. Wearing sunscreen before stepping out of home can reduce the process of aging.

Eye Cream – It is said that boys are more prone to dark circles than girls because they indulge more in irregular work shifts and late night parties. Special creams must be applied under the eyes every night before sleeping to prevent the formation of dark patches under the eye region. Make sure that the eye cream has substantial caffeine content.

Moisturizer – Moisturizing creams and lotions are necessary to keep skin hydrated. But boys’ skins are generally oily throughout the year; so they must apply only water based moisturizers on their skins. Moisturizer must be applied twice a day; after shower and before bedtime.

Hydrating Mask for Facial – The idea of a facial may not tempt too many men, but beauticians over the world are of the opinion that even men require proper facial massages to make their skin look healthy and to prevent the appearance of sagging or wrinkles on skin. The best hydrating mask for men is prepared with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and soy protein. The mask should be applied on face at least once a month.

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