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Tonify her face: The Facial Gymnastics

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Do not rely only on the effect of your cream to keep the strokes closed! In the same way as for the rest of the body, your face is released in the absence of solicitation, and may boost by the exercise muscle.

A double penalty …

  •  The muscles the most requested of our face eventually remain contracted even at rest. Result: the famous wrinkles of expression, more or less marked.
  • The muscles the least solicited as those of the lower eyelids and neck, do know no longer contract, lose more supple, and then cause the relaxation of the face.

But a benefit double …

  • By working the muscles of the face in the right manner, you’ll find a facial tone, a contour redraws.
  • This reactivation will also stimulate blood circulation and provide of the light to your face.
  • The strokes will relax from the first days of practice, to revitalize and waking up after an assiduous practice.

… At any age!

The facial gymnastics presents an interest in 60 years … as to 20 ! Indeed begin young allows you to roll back the appearance of the first wrinkles, or widen the muscles which tend to melt.


Then ready for a few exercises?

Here we provide you 7 exercises to work the muscles forgotten. Five minutes per day are sufficient but practice seriously and assiduously! The warmups will be the evidence of a movement executed well.

Hold your skin with your fingers to avoid that the exercises do not mark your face. Repeat each movement 3 times.

Step 1 ) Next up, open and then close the mouth slowly.

Step 2) Lift the eyebrows slowly and then release.

Step 3) Open mouth wide as to pronounce an “A” and then close slowly.

Step 4) You say the “E” in advancing the lips to strengthen the hem of the lip.

Step 5) Smile at idle speed, mouth closed.

Step 6) Open mouth wide and say a “O” in forming an oval with the lips and bringing the commisures to maximum.

Step 7) Slowly lift the chin to have an expression “La boudeuse” and say a “U”.

Test this new routine beauty and let us know your results!

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