Sinstar Clothing: Armour Against Authority

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If you haven’t already heard of Sinstar clothing, you’re in for a real treat. This fairly new brand (they’re only around 4 years old!) have developed a cool and hip range of clothing geared at men who like to go against the grain and stand out from the crowd. The inspiration behind this clothing range could be considered quite grungy, with hints of rock and punk thrown in there too. If that sounds like you’re bag, you’re in the right place! There are both men’s and women’s lines, however; some men items could even be considered unisex – like the vests and jumpers; so if you’re a woman reading this don’t forget to take a look at both the women’s and the men’s sections to see if anything takes your fancy! Read on to learn more about this exciting brand of clothing:

Sinstar Clothing

Image Credit: Sinstar Clothing

The brand was founded by two men; Ryan Stripe and Sam Bell. Originally the two hoped to make a living playing in their rock band ‘Rio’ until they found success with their unique brand of clothing! What makes their range even more unique is the fact that the boys have absolutely no design or business training, yet they continue to produce amazing designs, loved by both men and women, season after season. It took less than two years for the brand to take off in a big way, with their slogan t-shirts and graphic prints making waves with just about everybody in a variety of scenes. Now you can find Sinstar clothing on sites and in stores all over the UK!

The two take inspiration from many things, but mainly punk, rock, metal, and everything to do with the skating scene. They are the things they are most passionate about and it’s definitely working for them! You shouldn’t worry if you can’t skate though; this range is designed for anybody who wants to make a statement and stand out!

One of their most popular collections, the ‘Escape’ collection, was released in 2012 – a massive hit with those who love to look like they just rolled out of bed. The ‘grunge’ look is still a big thing today, so you can see why their business is thriving. People just love to look like they woke up, rolled out of bed, picked a few bits off the floor and went about their day. You could even say that some pieces in the collection have an 80’s vibe – a throwback to a great era, using muted colours with contrasting neon’s. You can find pieces like this in a range of different fabrics, from standard cotton to leather!

To demonstrate how the range should be worn, you’ll see plenty of alternative looking models rocking different pieces from different collections – one blue haired model steals the show in a long, pink, fringed dress! If you like to stand out, Sinstar clothing is perfect for you. Why not steal the show in the cool mountains sweater? Or if you’re really daring, make a statement in the cameo jogging bottoms!

Sinstars motto is ‘Armour Against Authority’ – so if you’re feeling rebellious, give them a try.

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