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How To Use A Curling Wand

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You are one of those who enjoy curling up your tresses. But you are also someone who hates to use all those clamps and clips, let alone leaving them on overnight and sleep on them to get those curls.

Or perhaps you style your hair according to the mood of the hour, and overnight planning is not your cup of tea. Curling wands make it easy for you to create lovely spirals of smooth soft curls. But just like any other professional gadget, curling wand too should be used with care, caution and in the right manner for the perfect look.

Here are some essential tips that would help beginners master the art of using a curling wand and also includes basic care instructions and the dos and don’ts. In a nut shell, if you are contemplating to buy a curling wand or you have one and need tips to start using it properly, all you have to do is read on for compact crisp information and guidelines.

How To Use A Curling Wand

How To Use A Curling Wand

  • Choose the right wand – Curling wands are not all made equal. The size of the barrel of your curling wand would determine the type of curls you shall get. There are also wands that are tapered to give your curls a spiraling effect. Then there are ones that have consistent width. You should know the look you are after and then decide accordingly the wand that you should buy. Wands that are about an inch wide would give you small curls while broader wands are for larger curls. Ceramic and tourmaline are considered to be best materials for a curling wand – check what yours is made up of before you pick up one.


  • Set the preferred heat – You should buy a curling wand that offers you the option to select the amount of heat output. Thankfully most curling wands come with this adjustment option. Most likely than not, you shall be able to pick from high, medium or low options. Some others give you the actual temperature reading. Adjust the temperature according to your need keeping in mind the fact that the higher the temperature is the more it may damage and dry up your hair.


  • Prepare your hair – Before you start curling your hair, you should make sure that there are no tangles or broken strands. Brush your hair well to ensure this. Now you should protect your hair with a spray or serum that would shield your hair from the heat. Divide your hair into several parts, and using large hair clips you can pin your hair on the top of your head. Gather all fly away hairs too by brushing well.


  • Preheat your wand – Although it is seemingly obvious, but for beginners it is worth a mention that to get the optimum result from your curling wand you should not use it right after you plug in. You should allow it a 2-4 minutes time span for the pre heating process. If your wand shows temperature reading, wait till the desired temperature is reached.


  • Wear protective gloves – Curling wands generally do not come with clamps where you can rest your hair while you are curling. As such you need to use your hands to wrap the strands of hair around the wand. Since the wand is heated up, it is recommended that you use heat protective gloves while using your wand.


  • The process of curling – Take small strands of hair and wrap it around the wand and keep it that way for about 2-5 seconds. The duration would depend on the heat settings and also on how tight you want to curl up your hair. At any cost do not hold your hair for more than ten seconds to the heated want. Now remove the wand and repeat with the next strand. Continue similarly with the entire volume of your hair.


  • Cool your curls – To maintain your curls it is essential that you cool your curls after the actual curling process is done. For that you may secure each curl with a bobby pin and wait for a while for the curls to cool, and then remove the pin. Or you may hold the curls with your hands till they cool – but that may become very tedious for you. In case you are looking for casual curls or simple to create a ripple of waves on your hair, you may omit this step of holding the curls till they cool down.


  • Loosen your curls – Once you are done curling up your entire mass of hair, you may find that the look you are getting is a volume of very closely knit tight curls. If you want a softer look, it is recommended that at this point you use your fingers or a boar bristled brush to loosen your curls and create the spiraling effect.


  • Tips on using your curling wand


  • Dry your hair properly and thoroughly in advance using cool blow dry (or you may air dry) so that damp or wet hair does not turn into sizzling steam when it comes in contact with the hot iron.


  • Your curling wand subjects your tresses to a lot of heat, and as such it is recommended that you hydrate and nourish your hair properly to prevent it from drying in case you plan to use your wand regularly.


  • Use a protective serum to shield your hair from the adverse effect of the heat before using the wand.


  • After using your wand, cool it down and then wipe the barrel clean with a damp cloth to remove any residue of any hair product that may have stayed on.


  • Never leave your curling wand turned on when not in use.


  • Store your curling wand in a heat proof clean pouch and in a manner as advised by the manufacturers.

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