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How To Thin Out Hair

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The beauty industry is full of contradictions. There are so many people who would just do anything to get some volume in their hair. More often than not people, especially those with thinning locks, admire those who have been blessed with cascading tresses.

But again there are those who are constantly struggling in their attempt to tame their volume of hair. They often become troublesome to style and very difficult to maintain. Consequently the hair may appear unkempt and also frizzy.

And who would want to risk a bad hair day! So for those who face such situations and are looking for remedies it is suggested that they thin out their hair. Most hair salons and hair professionals would give you the option of thinning out hair – they call it hair texturing. But getting them done regularly by a professional can be pretty hefty on the pocket. But there are simpler methods that would help you achieve the effect at a fraction of the cost.


So, here we offer you some reliable, result oriented, affordable alternatives on “How to Thin out Hair” –

How To Thin Out Hair

How To Thin Out Hair

  • Create magic with thinning shears

Thinning shears are often used by stylists. These are nothing but scissor like appliances that have a thick and serrated edging. These can reduce the volume of your hair by about 15% without hampering the size or shape of your hair in any way. But these need practiced hand to achieve the desired results. It is recommended that you ask your stylist to help you in this aspect.


  • Razor would be your friend in need

When you cut your hair with a razor you have the option of cutting out measured percentage of hair. For that you have to run down the razor along the length of your hair. When you do this you should hold the base of your hair with one hand and then apply tension on the razor – this would allow you to cut in the right proportion. You may also press against the razor while holding your hair with your thumb. This way you shall have more control and would also be able to measure effectively during the cutting process.


  • Create illusions with your hairstyle
  • Get a long layered cut 

You can create a thin look with your hair by creating a balance in the way you cut and style your hair. The aim would be to redistribute the volume of your hair so that it looks sleek and not puffed up. This can be done by creating layers. Your stylist would guide you how to achieve this. You should also request your stylist to avoid straight cuts and cuts that are too short.

  • Keep your hair straight

Straightening your hair can help you to reduce the volume of your hair giving you a thin and sleek look. You can go for a permanent straightening. But if you are unsure of whether you would want this look for long, you can go for temporary straightening too.


  • Make changes to your hair care routine
  • Wash in cold water

Washing in cold water generally tends to flatten the hair and does not create a puffy look. When you wash your hair with hot or warm water, the hair shafts on your scalp gets opened. This makes the hair look frizzy and full of volume, not to mention the fact that hot water also dries up the hair (the basic cause of the frizzy look). If you want to take a hot water shower, remember to use a shower cap to protect your hair. You may wash your hair afterwards with cold water.

  • Wash less often

You should clean your hair, but restrict the washing to about two to at the most three times a week. This is because when you wash your hair you lose the natural oils present there. This consequently leaves you hair dry making it appear rough, bushy and voluminous. For those of you who have curly or wavy hair, you should allow a gap of 3-4 days before you wash your hair to let your hair replenish the natural oils.

  • Use apple cider vinegar

After you shampoo and condition your hair you may make a vinegar solution to finally rinse your hair to make it lustrous, soft and supple thereby creating a thinned out look. For this mix a generous amount of apple cider vinegar to half a bucket of water.

  • Choose anti-frizz hair products

The market offers ample solutions for thinning out hair. Gets, serums and creams that help you create the texture of your choice can easily be bought and applied without much ado. Even shampoos and conditioners are available that help you to tame voluminous hair that are difficult to manage.

  • Use paddle-brush

If you prefer to blow dry hair, use a paddle brush to keep your hair as straight as possible. This would help you to flatten your hair and manage fly away hairs.

  • Apply hair conditioning

Conditioning your hair is essential to make it soft and supple. Deep conditioning masks and smoothening masks are pretty handy for the purpose. If you like it all homemade, you can mix mayonnaise with olive oil to make a deep conditioner for your hair.

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