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How To Look Good In Pictures

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With the advent of social media we have all become more conscious about the way we look in pictures.

Well natural and confident would mostly achieve your purpose.

You should be comfortable when you are being clicked, and that would eventually and surely reflect in the picture.

Here are a few steps you can follow to look good in pictures –


  • Try to pinpoint if there is any particular factor that you dislike in your photos. Look at pictures that have been taken and try to mark points where you could improve – perhaps a closed eye, a shadowed face, an unflattering posture. Once you know what you don’t like you can try to dodge those and highlight instead upon the positives.
How To Look Good In Pictures

How To Look Good In Pictures

  • You may begin prepping early by selecting clothes that look flattering on your silhouette. Solid colored tops usually achieve the trick, for busy prints generally draw the attention towards them and away from you. Select colors according to your skin tone.


  • Now comes selecting the hairstyle that would frame your face beautifully. For that you may keep some basic factors in mind. If you have a broad forehead, cover up with bangs. For a broad or wide face, a hair style that creates an elongated effect is ideal. For small faces one can style the hair put up and out from the face.


  • You are the best one to know the features you can boast of. Make an effort to highlight those. You also know the features that you would like to hide. So plan how to camouflage them in the picture.


  • Best pictures come when you are looking the best. No makeup can substitute for flawless skin. As such it is recommended that you take care of your skin. You may consult a professional for the purpose and chalk out a routine that is meant for your skin type.


  • Coming to your eyes, if you have dark circles you should use an under eye brightener. If you are using eye shadow select a shade that would bring out the color of your eyes.


  • If you are stressed, it shows in the picture. As such you should attempt to sleep well the night before. Or try and take a beauty nap sometime. While you sleep you may consider placing two slices of peeled cucumber on your eyes – this would give you a relaxed and soothed feel.


  • Confidence and self esteem would take you a long way. When you feel happy about yourself it would reflect in the picture. Whatever pose you strike in the picture – be it a smile or any other emotion, make sure it is genuine. Nothing makes a picture look more artificial than fake emotions.


  • You can naturally experiment with different poses and emotions, but rehearse them before the mirror to know what looks best on you and what does not create a flattering image. You may look for inspiration too. Look at posters and pictures of celebrities you adore. Try to pinpoint what you like about the pictures – the hairstyle, the emotion, the posture – then try to achieve that. In fact enacting before the mirror would tell you flatly what looks good and what does not. Once you know the postures and emotions that look good on you, and you have practiced enough to master them, you shall be able to strike them when the time comes to take a picture.


  • Now you should take care of the spot that is selected to shoot the picture. Too shady a place can make the picture look dull and dark. This may make you look older. On the other hand, a place that is flooded with sunlight or is extremely bright otherwise your picture would look washed out. The trick is to select a spot that would provide a nice background to your picture and would have a balanced lighting.


  • Smile, for it is one of the most beautiful emotions one can sport. For most people a soft smile works nicely. However, remember to keep it natural and not look as if forced upon. For casual pictures you can even joke with someone around or with the photographer to giggle naturally – this brings out beautiful pictures too.


  • Talking of smiles, make sure you have clean teeth. Coming back to smiles, you can try to think of a wonderful moment. This would bring a nice glow to your face. Also you may consider a smile that reflects in your eyes also. This makes the picture look more warm, appealing and natural.


  • While taking the picture try looking just a little above the camera – this generally gives a good look.


  • To avoid blinking when the camera flashes you may close your eyes just before the picture is being taken. Keep it closed for a few seconds and then gradually open your eyes.


  • Look towards a bright light just before taking the picture. This would cause your pupils to shrink, and that would reduce the chances of having red eyes.


  • A photo that is taken from an angle that is a little above generally looks better than once that is clicked from below. So if the photographer is shorter than you, you may consider grabbing a chair.


  • If you have problem of double chin elongating your neck and then pushing your chin slightly forward generally manages to camouflage that. Slightly tipping your chin downwards while letting your forehead come to the forefront is also a trick that serves the purpose of hiding double chin.


  • The best spot to click a good picture is to stand near a source of natural light. However you should not directly face the source of the light. You should stand in a manner so that the light hits your face from the sides.

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