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How To Get Rid Of Peeling Skin

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Peeling skin is basically the flaky part of skin that is extremely dry.

It can happen from many external factors – losing moisture, sunburn, any kind of irritation on skin.

Peeling skin not only looks unaesthetic but it also damages your skin to a great extent making it lose its luster and suppleness.

You have to allow your skin to shed once the peeling starts, but there are ways to control the root cause and get back your smooth flawless skin.

How To Get Rid Of Peeling Skin

How To Get Rid Of Peeling Skin

  • Hydrate from within

Remember that no matter how much care you take externally it would show only when you are healthy from within. Take care to keep yourself hydrated by drinking adequate water daily.


  • Always use cold water to wash or shower

Warm water which is a degree more hot than lukewarm is known to possess exfoliating properties and as such may help you to get rid of the flakes of your skin and the dead cells. But it is a drying agent too. So try using cold water mostly. In case you wash with warm water follow it up with another rinse with cold water.


  • Toning with Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar can be diluted and applied to the area to reduce the redness, prevent the peeling and easing the pain.


  • Use only mild cleaners

Cleansers often contain chemicals that can dry up your skin. Choose a mild cleanser or use natural homemade cleansers to prevent the drying.


  • Be gentle while drying your skin

You should never be harsh with your skin. It is recommended that you do not rub your skin dry. Always pat dry your skin gently. It is also recommended that you use a soft washcloth for the purpose.


  • Hydrating and Moisturizing the Skin is highly essential

It is recommended that you moisturize your skin properly. For the purpose you should use unscented cream or lotion or balm that would be soothing


  • Protection from the sun

Your skin should always be protected from the rays of the sun. But when it is peeling this principle stands doubly true. This is because of the fact that the area of the skin below the flaky parts is often tender and sensitive, and sun rays can cause further damage. Use sunscreen and sun shades if you have to be out in the sun.


  • Milk Pack

The lactic acid in milk would help to remove the flakes, soothe the redness; while the lipids present in it would help to infuse some moisture to your skin. Soak a soft wash cloth with full cream or 2% milk – skimmed milk would not serve the purpose since it is devoid of the lipids. Now squeeze out the excess and cover your face with the washcloth and leave for about 15 minutes.


  • Egg Facial

Beat well the whites of two eggs and apply on your face. Lave for about 15 minutes and rinse well.


  • Aloe Vera Mask

Take the secretion from Aloe Vera saps directly or buy products that contain Aloe Vera. The soothing and anti inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera would be helpful.


  • Cortisone Ointment

Over the counter cortisone cream would help you to get some relief from the itching and irritation associated with peeling of skin.


  • Gentle Exfoliation

Oatmeal acts as a gentle scrub to exfoliate the dead cells. It also has anti inflammatory properties. Ground oatmeal can be mixed in with organic honey to create a scrub that is hydrating as well.


  • No scratching

Scratching only would spread the infection and would do nothing else – so resist the urge.


  • Trim your peeling skin

Pulling or tearing off your skin would only worsen the problem. You may use a cuticle cutter or a small scissor to neatly trim the peels.


  • Choose products for your skin with care

Know your skin and what it is allergic to. You should choose skin care products accordingly to prevent drying and peeling and also to restore the luster after the damage has already happened.

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