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How To Cut Long Hair

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For proper maintenance of long hair it is essential that you trim your hair every 6 weeks. But many of us often do not have the time to indulge with an appointment at the hair salon every 6 weeks.

Some of us would not want to shell out the money that professional hair stylists ask for at such short interval. Then do we have to go without trims? Of course not! Here are D-I-Y techniques meant only for you that would help you to cut your long hair –


  • Buy yourself the right pair of scissors. The right tools only would bring you the right effect. You shall need sharp cutting scissors. These would be easily available in any beauty supply store. You should also source yourself a comb with fine teeth from the store.


  • The first step to cut your hair (as you even noticed it at your salon) is to wash your hair. Shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would. Since you are not a professional, it would be easier for you to try and trim your hair while it is still wet.


How To Cut Long Hair

How To Cut Long Hair

  • Once out of your shower, comb your hair properly to make it tangle free. At this point you may use a leave in serum or conditioner to manage those difficult frizzes and sly away hair.


  • For those of you who have very long hair that is voluminous too it is now the time to divide it in sections so that you can manage the trim properly. Depending on the thickness of the hair you may divide it into a number of sections and clip them.


  • For a beginner, this trimming process would take some time. As such it is recommended that you keep a spray bottle handy filled with water so that you can again drench your hair once it starts to feel dry.


  • You should begin your trimming with the bottom most layer of your hair augment and gradually work your way up releasing each section from the clutches of the clip one by one.


  • Inspect your hair to find out if there are split ends. If you find them, you should trim your hair till you have eliminated those. To keep your hair in good shape, trim about quarter of an inch higher than the point where your split-ends end.


  • This is also the point when you are required to decide how much of your hair you want to chop off. Remember hair looks shorter when dry. This holds true more for those of you with wavy or curly hair. So decide the length accordingly. Remember that you can always chop off more later if you one, but growing out hair that has been trimmed excessively would require more time.


  • Now grab the section of your hair that you want to trim between your index and middle fingers of your non dominant hand. Make sure that your hair is flat and smooth.


  • With your dominant hand hold the scissors and start cutting right from below your fingers in a parallel motion. Keep your hold stable and cut at a relaxed pace.


  • Once you have trimmed all the sections you had clipped, it is time for you to match up the ends. Grab your hair from each side of your face with your thumb and forefingers and pull down to see if the lengths match.


  • Now using a handheld mirror check all around for unevenness. Let your hair dry and recheck. Once you are satisfied that there are no abrupt edges, you are done!

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