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How To Curl Short Hair

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Curling short hair is easy and quick. Curling short hair gives you a new look. Curling short hair adds the element of fun to your hairstyle.

Curling short hair makes it look bouncy and voluminous. So if you are looking to achieve all these (or any of these), read on!


  • Using Curling Iron

When dealing with short hair, it is recommended to use a curling iron with narrow wand. Make sure that your hair is clean and dry. Take little cross sections of your hair and curl them using the curling iron. Once you have curled all your hair you may use your hands and fingers to set the curls. Allow the curls to cool and then use hair spray to hold the curls.


How To Curl Short Hair

How To Curl Short Hair

  • Using Pin Curls

For this take even cross sections of your hair. Make your cross sections really small. Now take each cross section and roll it around either your index or your middle finger. Wrap your hair in curls in such a way that when you have curled that particular cross section till the end you may slide out the finger. Once your finger is out, use a bobby pin or salon clip to hold the curls. When you are done covering the entire volume of hair, you can spray it with a generous amount of frizz water. Now leave the curls to dry. It would be best to leave it overnight. Once completely dry, remove the pins. Then you may use your fingers to relax the curls a little.


  • Using Flat Iron

For this you should make sure that your hair is clean or completely dry. This is because of the fact that while curling your hair the flat iron uses a lot of heat; and if your hair is damp or wet at this point, it can get damaged. This should also be done with little cross sections of hair. Start at the root of your hair. After sliding the iron just a little curl your hair around the wand of the iron. Release after a couple of seconds and allow the curls to cool. Now use hair spray to hold the curls.


  • Using a head band

Wash your hair well and pat dry it leaving it damp, but not wet. Now take a fabric head band that is about an inch wide and is stretchable. Wear this headband in a manner so that the back is a little above your hairline in the neck and the front comes down halfway to your forehead. Now take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the band. Secure the end with a hairpin or bobby clip. Repeat this for the entire volume of your hair taking a small cross section each time. Now leave it overnight. Sleep on it covering your head with a shower cap. Remove the pins and band in the morning; and you shall have lovely locks of curled hair. You can now fix any frizzes or fly away hair with a hair spray.


  • Using strips of a tee shirt

Cut about an inch wide strips out of an old tee shirt. Now wash your hair well and pat dry it leaving it damp, but not wet. Now divide your hair into multiple sections. Wrap each section around a tee shirt strip to form curls out of your hair. Tie the ends to secure the curls. Leave on overnight or for a whole day – that is to say leave on for several hours. Your hair should be completely dry by now. Now untie and remove the strips. You shall find that your hair has formed large curls. Fix the curls with fingers and secure them with mousse. Do not brush or comb your hair.

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