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A Range of Solutions for Female Hair Loss

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Women lose their hair just as often as men, in fact, we all do, on a regular basis. Hair loss is a natural part of the hair growth cycle, and it is only when the new hair follicles do not grow normally, that we experience visible hair loss. This can be caused by a number of reasons, stress being one, and the hair loss is generally remedied when the stress has subsided. Another reason is hereditary, and this is passed down from generation to generation, and typically affects women over the age of 50.

Hair Extensions

Women’s hair loss can be covered up with hair extensions in some cases, and this is both effective and long-lasting, with 100% human hair extensions that perfectly match your hair. The extensions are attached using a unique micro beading system that attaches the extensions to your own hair, looking and feeling natural.

Stands the Test of Time

These human hair extensions are long-lasting, with the average application lasting about 3 months, and with a range of colours and thicknesses, your hair will have more volume, and those embarrassing thin spots will be gone forever. The stylists would be able to create the ideal image, and with a range of colours, highlights make a pleasant change.

The Enhancer

This innovative system incorporates a specially designed mesh that fits comfortably on the scalp, and then the patient’s hair is carefully woven through the mesh, allowing it to grow unaffected. Then human hair extensions are woven into the mesh, giving the wearer a full head of healthy hair. This is an ideal solution if the hair loss is complete, or after chemotherapy treatment, as the hair can regrow with The Enhancer in place. When the time comes to remove it, it is a quick and easy process.

Professional Guidance

The people who work with hair extensions are fully able to create any style, and by covering up your hair loss effectively, you can go about your daily life, confident that your hair will always look and feel good. The session would likely last four or five hours, and the professional staff will not be taking any breaks, unless of course, you request it. The stylist will discuss options prior to the appointment, and the work will begin when you are completely happy with the plan.

Temporary Hair Loss

There are some occasions where the hair loss is temporary, and you need something to cover the bald area until the regular hair grows back. Some cancer sufferers have to undergo chemotherapy, which results in total hair loss for a few months, and The Enhancer is the ideal solution, as it fits snugly onto the scalp, and with handwoven human hair extensions painstakingly placed, the end result is always guaranteed to please.

Female hair loss has always been a problem, but now there are innovative solutions that are comfortable and allow you to live an active life. If hair loss is an issue, there are online experts who can provide the ideal temporary solution.

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