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Founded in 1995, Hard Candy Cosmetics is one of the most popular American cosmetic company. The company was launched by Iranian American sisters Pooneh Mohajer and Dineh. The other co founder of this company was Benjamin Einstein. The first product of this company was nail polish that Dineh made herself, by mixing different colors and named it “Sky”. The product was instant hit and helped the company to reach to profitable position.

The birth of “Sky”

The year 1995 in Los Angeles. A place where you can get anything starting from favorite kid’s clothes to recently launched Sony Playstations. But 22 year old Dineh became unsuccessful in finding the perfect shade of nail polish that would help to complement her newly bought strappy blue sandal.

Thus, she decided to make the shade by herself by mixing her own nail polish that she had and thus came out the perfect blue shade, the “Sky”. After its application, she received loads of compliments for this wonderful shade. Thus, the cosmetic world received one of the best shades of blue the “Sky”.

In the initial stage, this little known nail polish was only available in some of the exclusive boutiques of Los Angeles. After the appearance of “Sky” other shades also followed by like Sunshine( yellow), violet (lavender) and mint (pastel green). All the shades become quite popular, especially among the young girls and the company first received its order of nearly 200 bottles nail polish.

The brand become more popular when in 1995, popular actress Alicia Silverstone flaunted her finger nails with “sky” at late night show conducted by David Letterman. When asked about the perfect blue shade nails, she replied “Sky” by Hard Candy. This helped is providing a new dimension to the brand and popularity reached to sky.

Different products of Hard Candy Cosmetics

The cosmetic product of Hard Candy are unique and carry a signature touch. Each product comes with glamorous touch, but original and fun to use and wear it. The products comes in cute packaging with right color. The products are cruelty free, thereby making it perfect for vegan people. Though the buyers must remember that Hard Candy is not a vegan company, but it encourages vegan people to shop for their products. The ingredients used in products are enriched with vitamins and anti oxidants along with blend of aromatherapy.

Thus, you can wide variety products of Hard Candy Cosmetics like eyes, lips, face, body and nails. You can also get gifts and sets, perfect items to gift someone for some of the important and special occasion of their life. For example, if you have a fetish for different kinds of eye cosmetics, Hard Candy has lot to offer. The eye shadows comes in 14 different types of shades and that too in shimmer, satins and glitters. To compliment the look of your eyes, Hard Candy offers you glitter eye pencils that glides on your eyes comfortably and helps in defining your eyes perfectly.

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