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Bridal Skin CareEvery bride desires her skin to look flawless and radiant on her wedding day. While you’re busy picking your wedding outfit, sending out invitations and making arrangements for the guests who’re about to pour in, don’t forget to take some time off your crazy routine to indulge in some bridal skin care which will help you look absolutely stunning on your wedding day! Leave all your worries aside, focus on your skin! Remember, on your wedding day, you’re going to be under the spotlight, with the photographer taking your pictures from all possible angles. We offer you here a few easy to follow bridal skin care tips.

Follow a good cleansing routine

  • In the mornings, use a good cleanser that is suited for your skin type
  • At night, use a good make-up remover along with cleanser
  • Don’t forget to use a moisturizer daily.
  • Use a good exfoliant to exfoliate your skin at least thrice a week.

Don’t experiment with Makeup

Not that we recommend you not to experiment with new cosmetic products at other times, but applying new cosmetics or makeup should be a strict no-no when you’re about to get married. No matter how tempting the TV commercials for a new foundation, lipstick or face powder may seem, don’t give in to the temptation, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Applying something entirely new on your body may sometimes trigger allergies, leaving dark spots or scars on your skin.

Quick Bridal Skin Care Tips


  • Maintain a healthy food habit at regular intervals
  • Follow a diet full of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Take ample rest and get proper sleep
  • Cleanse and massage your skin regularly
  • Seek professional help before applying makeup
  • Include yoga, exercise, and other physical activities as part of your health regimen


  • Avoid junk food, processed foods, caffeine consumption and foods high in calories
  • Avoid trying new cosmetics and makeup
  • Avoid stress and anxiety
  • Stay happy and smile a lot!

Besides these specific bridal skin care tips for your wedding day, read about a daily healthcare routine that you need to follow to look your best on your great day and all other days.

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