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Natural Beauty Tips

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Beauty is all about who you are as a person. Beauty is natural. The cosmetics industry at times creates an impression on our minds that to stay or look beautiful one needs a lot of cover ups.

But in reality beauty is all about revealing the true you. And what could be a better way to do so than seek solace in the lap of nature?! These are simple, inexpensive and at most times are easily available around your home. To stay beautiful in the long run it is advisable that you stay away from harmful toxic chemicals as much as possible and resort to nature’s therapeutic powers.

There is no beauty problem which does not find a solution in nature. But there is one point that you have to keep in mind – nature believes in slow and steady action; and as such when resorting to natural beauty measures you have to be patient and regular – do not expect any overnight magic! But what you shall gain would stay on with you.

natural beauty tips

Here are some Natural Beauty Tips for your beauty regimen –


  • Let’s begin with a tip that would hardly require any ingredient at all. All you need is a brush that has natural bristles to dry brush all over your body before your regular morning shower. This is a naturally detoxifying process that your body would simply love. Apart from its detoxifying properties, this technique is also known to boost the lymphatic system, help you to get rid of dead and dry skin, enhances the immunity system, provide a better circulation system, discard cellulite and stimulate the hormonal equilibrium in your body. As a result you get a naturally glowing skin. The process also prevents sagging of skin and gives it a toned look. For this start with a brush that has a long handle to reach your back and other difficult areas. The stroke used should be small and always towards your heart. A circular motion is recommended for the belly, chest and hips.


  • If you use shaving as a method of hair removal, you can consider replacing a chemical shaving cream with coconut oil. Just spread the condensed version of coconut oil just as you would apply a shaving cream, and voila you have something simple and absolutely natural!  Also remember not to stretch your skin while shaving so as to prevent ingrown hair.


  • Tired of brittle nails that break at the slightest pretext? Try soaking your nails in olive oil for 5 minutes, and then wipe clean! Also apply the oil to your cuticles. You shall not only have strong nails but you shall be surprised by the shine that your nails now have! And when you want to dry your nail color super quick put your fingers in a bowl that has ice cold water – however make sure you do not touch the sides and spoil the paint!


  • Do you think that your hair looks dull and lifeless? Not to worry! Just take a banana or two depending on the length of your hair and mash it well. To that add one egg and mix it in properly. Make sure that you form a thick paste. Now apply this paste and leave it on for about half an hour. Wash it properly with your regular shampoo. Remember to use your conditioner too especially on the lengths of your hair. You shall be amazed at how your hair sparkles!


  • Speaking of shampoos, you may even consider replacing a chemical shampoo in favor of a homemade one that is nothing but natural. Take a cup of water and to it mix in one fourth cup of organic apple cider vinegar. Use this to wash your hair – this would not only remove any build up but also give your hair a shine. Remember to follow up your wash with a regular conditioner.


  • Are blackheads marring the natural glow of your skin? Simply get rid of them the natural way! Take an open lemon wedge; add a few drops of pure honey on it. Now rub this on the areas that have blackheads and then move on to rub it on your whole face. Leave it on about five minutes or so and then wash off properly with cold water. Since citrus elements can be photosensitive on skin, it is recommended to use this method in the evening or at night.


  • To create a gentle exfoliating body scrub, mix in sea salt to olive oil. Remember to keep the ratio of sea salt and olive oil to be 1:2. This would not be harsh on your skin and yet gently remove dry and dead cells giving you a softer and smoother skin that glows.


  • Have you noticed that your elbows and knees have turned rough, dark and patchy? Get back the smooth skin by rubbing a halved orange on the affected areas. Keep it for a while and then rinse with cold water.


  • If you want to have the glow in your face that a salon style facial can give you at home in a simple way, make an easy face mask. Take a little bit of pure honey in a container; now rub the container with your palms to gently heat the honey. Apply this to your face and keep it on for about 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Rinse again with cold water and pat dry.


  • To prevent wrinkles and delay aging; and also to get a supple skin, apply castor oil on the fine lines.


  • If you have pigmentation or dark marks on your skin, peel potatoes and rub it on those spots. The marks would lighten with time.


  • Resort to nature for inexpensive yet effective sun protection for your body. Mix in equal quantities of glycerin, rose water and cucumber juice, store it in a bottle and refrigerate. Use it on your body as and when required.

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