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Apple and Honey Mask

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Oily skin can leave us with a lot of problem. More pimples, acne, greasy skin are only few examples. None of us really want to embarrass ourselves by allowing others to use the excess oils from our skin to grease their stamps or their fingers to flip on pages of a book, do you?

But oily skin can really be a problem. Using an apple honey mask may be a good idea for a fresh non-greasy look. Honey and apple make an excellent face pack for individuals with an oily skin. If your oily skin has been a menace for long and you didn’t know what to do then here is a home made remedy.

Take the following ingredients: 1 tbsp honey 2 peeled apples Make a paste of the apples and the honey and apply this paste on your face for 30 minutes. Wash it off after 20 minutes with water. Now you will have a fresh look for the party you have been planning for so long or for the outing that you have been dreading looking horrible at.

So go ahead and make your own homemade apple and honey mask and get rid of that oily skin.

Homemade beauty tips are easy to make and use. Rely on things that you will find easily at home and use them for a healthy and beautiful skin.

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